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Kayo Da Don Takes A Trip to “L.A.X”

From the city of Albany, New York, Kayo Da Don emerged onto the music scene in 2008 as an indie hip-hop artist.

With multiple releases under his belt, including “Channel 10," “Big Business,” and “Wrist In The Trap,” and mentorship from some of upstate New York’s most influential music veterans, Kayo is forging his reputation as a promising talent in the music industry.

In his latest single, “L.A.X,” he encapsulates the opulent atmosphere of Studio City, resulting in a track that balances flash with class.

The track sets off with a mellow bassline, soon joined by the soulful croons of a saxophone winding through the soundscape. Reverberated cymbals glisten over the melody, crafting a sophisticated ambiance. The listener is swept away into a world of opulence; chauffeur-driven luxury cars, private jets, and champagne in the sky. The song captures the essence of Old Hollywood with its jazz-infused harmonies and rich instrumentals.

“L.A.X” is a testament to Da Don’s self-made, self-financed ascent as an artist. After experiencing an altercation in 2020, his hunger for success has only intensified, and this song portrays his triumphs. While he raps about tangible assets such as high-end jewelry, luxury cars, and designer clothing, he doesn’t gloss over the work it takes to reach this level of comfortability. His lyrics highlight the importance of financial stability, the restless grind, and maintaining focus in attaining a flashy lifestyle.

From beginning to end, “L.A.X” takes listeners to experience a piece of Kayo Da Don’s life. The track immerses you in his world through thoughtful lyricism and intricate melodies, bringing you along for the ride.

“L.A.X” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kayo Da Don, and a huge congrats on your latest drop, "L.A.X." What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I started doing music in 2008 but took it seriously after I got out of the cage in 2020. I realized I had many people to care for and fans supporting my music, so I had to get focused.

In your latest single, “L.A.X,” you speak about crafting a life of luxury but doing so on your dime. What were the biggest obstacles you’ve faced as a self-funded, self-made artist?

I stay on my grind-heavy, so I don't have time or energy to let a lot of stuff bother me. The main obstacle has been plugging into legit opportunities to build my brand and working with the right people because this industry has many fakes.

Since emerging onto the hip-hop scene in 2008, how would you compare the music industry to its current state today?

There are a lot of dope new talent and platforms to get your music distributed, so it's easy for anybody to release music. You just gotta be able to drop hit quality records like artists were back then and network with the right business folks to open up doors. Nothing has changed except more access to technology and ways for independent artists to build a buzz without a label.

What impact do you hope to have on your audience through your music?

I make music to inspire others to hustle hard, live life to the fullest, and stay motivated. Music is my outlet, so if it makes me feel like a boss and ready to conquer the world, I hope others can feel that too. I know what it's like to be in a dark place and have to pick yourself up, so that's what I'm about.

If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with any artist, who would be your top choice?

I could drop names, but anyone putting out hits right now doesn't sound like anybody else. I'm focused on honing in on my sound right now, but it would be lit to work with Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, Drake, Kendrick Lamar...whoever - I'm holding my own next to anybody.


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