Kayoh LA Releases Hot Hip Hop Single “Loud”

With Inland Empire of Salvadorian heritage, Kayoh LA is a 21-year-old, up and coming hip hop artist who has just released his new song “Loud.” Along with many artists from the same area, he is a member of an artistic collective called Inlvnd. Kayoh LA is a bilingual artist who is able to rap in both English and Spanish, showing his musical versatility. He also enjoys bridging the gap between genres; he shows his flexibility by ignoring anything that might box him in. Kayoh LA’s “Loud” starts off with a seductive melody played on the flute that repeats every few bars.

The song only lasts a minute and a half, so a trap beat quickly joins the melody to create the consistent background music of the rest of the song. Kayoh LA begins to rap with a deep voice and an attitude that emits a mysterious nonchalance. In addition to the flute, Kayoh LA’s vocals give “Loud” an alluring tone. Lyrically, Kayoh LA promotes the use of cannabis while spending time with his crew. He also raps about his ability to block out negativity from others, and focus on living his own life. “Loud” is a song that is meant to accompany a good night by reminding everyone to live in the moment and not feeling bad about enjoying everything that life has to offer – all at once.

Listen to "Loud" here.