KC Evens the Playing Field With His Single, "Just Desserts"

The LA-based iridescent Pop artist and Singer/Songwriter KC begins a new creative venture with the release of his enigmatic single, "Just Desserts." We've heard various singles from KC over time, but nothing like this. KC channels the utmost strength, poise, confidence, and power within this dark Electro-Pop anthem, and we're remarkably impressed with the new creative/musical era that he's eagerly executing.

Starting an independently-recorded journey with his single "Just Desserts," KC expresses lighthearted and cynical lyricism while dark and atmospheric Electro-Pop production powers through and heightens the vibes. Evening the playing field by infusing the song with the old saying 'what goes around comes around,' the supporting instrumentation deepens the track with whopping electronic elements delivering melodies that linger around the listener's mind.

"Just Desserts" begins with melodic sub-bass that sets the darkly lit atmosphere while distant synths rain down from above. Swiftly transitioning into pulsating sub-bass accompanied by staccato piano chords, we're genuinely blown away by the song's meticulous production only seconds into the piece. At the hook, KC's sole vocals chant karmic lyricism while his layered and down-pitched vocals perfectly support the intense and raw delivery. Incredibly melodic electronic instrumentation graces our ears while KC continues to sing with an intriguingly mysterious tone, not to mention allowing listeners to bask in his honest, playful, and cynical lyrics. We sincerely can't get enough of the song's overall vibe, as the deftly-produced instrumentals bring listeners deep into the darkest nights through surreal sonics.

KC's latest single "Just Desserts" not only introduces listeners to the new and improved KC, but allows them to fall head over heels for his new sultry, atmospheric, and genuine sound.

We can't express how grateful we are for artists like you, who take time to make music that reflects real-life struggles while making self-discoveries along the way. Why did you want to make this artistic/creative switch within your music?

My artistic/creative switch was personally inspired by my own self-development and maturity. While I'm really proud of myself for the work I have curated thus far in my career, I felt like my work wasn't a complete reflection of the feelings I had inside. I noticed a trend in my old writing that seemed to revolve around writing about what I wish my life could/would be versus what struggles I was actually enduring in the present moment. I took a long pause from writing and pretty much anything that was creative in order to really reflect on my thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. After a few months, I began really addressing the feelings I was avoiding and took time to understand them and what they meant for my life. Conclusively, I dug very deeply and came to the understanding that these hardships were a way to help remove the layers I had conditionally grown to have placed over me that filtered out a lot of my actual authenticity. During the beginning of quarantine, I sat down and just started writing out what my feelings were and then began this new chapter of writing by channeling the persona that I thought these hardships created out of me. 

Speaking on the recent change within your music, how does your single "Just Desserts" act as a helpful introduction for listeners getting to know the new and improved KC?

Originally, I had planned to release some work before "Just Desserts!" However, after a lot of internal debate, I dropped the focus I had on some more emotional songs I had previously written because I knew "Just Desserts" was the primal track that expressed really where my head is at in life. The song makes for a really great ice-breaker since it's a very new and mainstream sound for me mixed with very authentic and well-crafted lyrics. "Just Desserts" is really the most primal example of where my music is going: great sound, relatability, meaningful lyrics, and viable energy. 

What inspired the deep and honest concept within your single "Just Desserts" that surrounds themes of karma and getting what one deserves?

Where to begin with this answer....!?!? To be super upfront, I pulled the inspiration from feelings I had toward a relationship that was just so unbelievably toxic that it made me feel jaded toward love. I am a firm believer in karma, you get what you give. The song came from a place of pretty intense heartbreak, after being in an extremely one-sided and abusive relationship where I was not appreciated or treated with any value. 

You've mentioned that you tend to feel gothic on the inside but preppy on the outside, which is flawlessly reflected in "Just Desserts." How do you infuse your music with elements that match this statement?

I fuse elements with this statement by just being myself honestly. I tend to feel like the goth on the inside and preppy on the outside life is a complete paradox... which really sums up my entirety as an individual!!! I never really quite feel like I fit in with any crowd so my angle is to always just approach a song or idea as myself and I try to be as entirely authentic as I can. I believe if you just do you, then the message will get across. I want people to hear/consume my art and feel like they can relate... and if they can't then that's okay too! 

What has been keeping you inspired in one of the most challenging years, 2020?

Finding/keeping inspiration has been hard in 2020. The world is so upside-down... However, as an artist, I feel like it's my duty to just create art that's contingent on whatever it is I am feeling/going through. 2020 has been a rollercoaster of obstacles for all of us, but I feel like authentic pop music serves a great duty to the world in times like this because the genre can be a reflection of what's happening in society. There's a power in being able to create something that will hopefully resonate with others. If we can connect to one another in times like these, then we have such a better chance of creating positive change. It really inspires me to know that I can create art/music for people that helps them feel like they're not alone- especially in such a chaotic time.