Kd Spencer Has What It Takes! Listen to New Track "VELVEETA"

Hey KD Spencer! We're excited that you could take the time to talk with us and our readers about your most recent music! How do you feel now that "VELVEETA" is released and available for all ears?

I feel it’s a great energetic song with a positive message and the beat is in favor of the young generation to bring light on both crowds.

It's incredible how young you began your career in the rap game. Do you feel that you've changed the vision of your music from when you first began your artistry?

Not really I have always been a lyricist I just have a different vibe of beats nowadays. If I’m not doing conscious songs I’m doing party/club joints I’m a versatile artist.

With musical influences such as Snoop Dogg, 2pac, and DJ Quik, how do you feel your music compared to the very artists you look up to and are inspired from?

Good question we’ll I think I get my smooth clever style from ‪Snoop Dogg‬, my love for melodies and storytelling from ‪DJ Quik‬ and my prolific conscious comes from 2Pac.

Tell us more about your creation of "VELVEETA" and how your vision came to be about for this track?

Well, one day I just decided I wanna mix the old and new, the old style of having good lyrics with meaning and the new style with up-tempo energy in the beat, that way it’ll be a different vibe versus just a regular lyrical song so I can capture both generations. And with me discussing money as cheese or Velveeta that will attract people because money songs always get attention.

You really seem to be killing it in the rap game! It was great to feature you and talk more about your sounding. Where does your focus go from here as an artist?

I just wanna be heard more because I really have a message people of all races, nationalities or creeds can relate to once they tune in. I do party music for clubbers and conscious songs for thinkers so it’s no way not to like a song by me. I also am a songwriter and producer that maybe a little more of my focus in the near future however I’m always an MC.

Listen to "VELVEETA" here.