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KDFROMTHEPACK Sets the Bar High on New Release, "Rolling Stone"

"Rolling Stone" commences with a heavenly harp creating a celestial soundscape as we are given flashes of KDFROMTHEPACK fast-paced rhymes fading in and out of the atmosphere. Born and raised in Nigeria, with a brief stopover in the UK, KDFROMTHEPACK now calls Toronto, Canada home. This self-proclaimed "band geek" has had music coursing through his soul his entire life. Carving out a local niche in the Toronto music scene KDFROMTHEPACK is embarking on having his music recognized worldwide.

"Roling Stone," features low-frequency beats paired with melodic harp harmonies, ticking percussions, and the other instrument blowing up track is KDFROMTHEPACK himself. His rhymes set the tempo of the track and fly through the soundscape highlighting the melodies produced by the harp and as he stomps his lyrical foot down with the hard-hitting bassline. "Rolling Stone" is an ode to his dedication over his artistic flow. Verses siting lyrics like "Crawlin through the mud now I'm standing on the ceiling," "Really want the pressure I'm going to bring it like a gas pipe," and "they can never match who I beat, they just get it wrong," exhibits the cerebral ferocity KDFROMTHEPACK brings to the table.

Do not miss out on this legendary song and discover "Rolling Stone" here.

Hello KDFROMTHEPACK and welcome to BuzzMusic. You certainly aim to impress on your latest single "Rolling Stone." Can you start off by explaining the meaning behind this song?

Hello BuzzMusic, first off I want to say I appreciate the in-depth feedback and genuine appreciation of my latest single “Rolling Stone”, it shows that BuzzMusic truly has great taste. This song is inspired by an English rock band formed in 1962 called the Rolling Stones. Following the exhilarating success of my first ever performance in late 2019, my new found love for “rocking” a crowd and energetic stage presence made me feel correlated to a rock star; in this case, a Rolling Stone. You rarely hear a harp playing in a hip hop song. Do you always try to explore new sounds when making music? One of the favorite parts of my whole creative process is exploring new sounds. Since a young age, I have always been fully immersed in the world of music and even taught myself to play many instruments including the drums, piano, and the guitar. This has given me the privilege to explore and learn about all the different types of music from Hip-Hop RnB to Classical/Jazz. Due to such a musical past at an early age, my natural versatility has always found its way into the music I make. Not only vocally but also in the instrumentals I carefully choose. How has the music community in Toronto impacted your sound? Despite my many other musical influences, I can definitely say the music community in Toronto has played a huge impact on my sound. Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world so it only makes sense that it reflects in this cities music as well. Toronto also has its very own sound that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. Ever since I moved to Toronto I have listened to a wide range of Toronto sounds, especially from the underground Toronto rap scene. Toronto's influence allowed me to merge my own unique sound that I bring to the city with hints of the Toronto culture, to formKDFROMTHEPACK. You mentioned you have been passionate about music from a young age. What are you able to achieve personally when you are able to express yourself through your music?

My passion for music has lead me to so many different achievements in my life, but the personal achievements are the ones I value the most. When I express myself through music it really resonates to me is therapeutic and gives me a sense of freedom when I have a lot on my mind and need a way to let it out. I am able to channel all my thoughts, emotions, burdens, reflections, and dreams at that given time in my life and pour it into a song. It is a feeling like no other and I will always be grateful to music for giving me that opportunity.


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