Keen Sounds Drops “Gym Life” And We’re Hooked!

Keen Sounds is an up and coming rapper from Inkster, Michigan. His eyes never waver from his number one goal, to become a hip-hop icon. Keen Sounds has released 5 singles to date and his latest release “Gym Life” (produced by ChaBow Beats) is a true banger. Keen has had his fair share of struggles and hard times but he’s a force to be reckoned with and won’t stop until he finds success!

Determined and never taking his foot off of the gas pedal, Keen Sounds’ newest track “Gym Life” made its launch into the music industry early June 2019 and we’re bumping it on repeat. This hot summer anthem boasts smooth vibes while remaining a dope contemporary hip-hop song. Keen Sounds stuns through his flawless bars, catchy melodies, and positive and contagious attitude. He’s known for his motivational lyricism and confidence within his music. “Gym Life” is a song for anyone to enjoy. If he keeps dropping tracks like “Gym Life” he’s guaranteed to have a good life. Stay on the lookout for up and coming rapper, Keen Sounds.

Check out “Gym Life” here and read more with Keen Sounds in our interview below!

Hey Keen! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers and talking a bit about how you got started in music?

Im Keen Sounds a hip hop musician out of Inkster Michigan. I got started in Music at a young age I would say I was around 15 years old when I recorded for the 1st time. Hanging out with friends messing around rapping and freestyling. I developed a love for hip hop and could see myself doing it at the highest level  

Who are your musical influences? How do they inspire your sound?

J. Cole and Big Sean are very influential to me. They inspire my Sound as far as making sure My lyrics are on point at the same time mixing in clever metaphors. 

What do you do to feed your passion for music everyday?

I constantly look for great new music and feed off of what I hear and get inspired to create my own 

Tell us about the lyrics in “Gym Life”! What was the writing process like? 

The lyrics in Gym Life came up from thinking back when my goals went from being small and how I’ve accomplished those same goals and now surpassed them on to bigger and better goals. The writing process was fairly easy just popped a bottle of champagne and got to it. Wrote and recorded Gym Life in 1 day.

What’s your live stage presence like?

high energy and very swaged out 


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