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Keep Calm and "Fly On," With The Freight

Hailing from Boston, MA, The Freight are an upbeat fusion of Rock N' Roll, Blues Rock, Soul, and Jam mixed with a contemporary Modern Rock edge. Embracing every avenue of Rock, their music hones in on classic vintage sounds that started it all, to '80s and '90s rock revolutions.

With a therapeutic essence welcoming you into their most recent release, “Fly On,” the atmospheric progressions speak to us in a way that 70’s Rock power ballads tend to. You hear The Freight’s musical inspirations of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, to name a few, greatly influence their sound all while they take their own artistic approach to sugar a little modern flair in an avenue that is unique to them.

They exude originality and a fortified refreshing take with smoldering lead vocals floating into the almost ethereal soundscape of sparse percussion, intimate piano keys, and the intensifying effect of the musical elements panning back and forth between the speakers to create a wide atmosphere colossal in its impact.

“Fly On,” drips lyrical motifs such as the reoccurring emphasis placed into words like, ‘Run for the hills. Take all you feel. Fly on.’ Although the song remains in an intimate scope of vulnerability with how it elusively flows through our speakers, an empowering surge of amplification tumbles into our sound waves with the perfectly timed guitar solo that shreds sustaining riffs as it breaks into a string performance prevalent with a sanctioning fuel.

The Freight knows how to create a true sonic voyage that wraps you up in an ushering sense of wanting more in under four minutes. “Fly On,” allows us to feel liberated and ready to take on whatever life throws our way.

Congratulations on the release of “Fly On.” This song is a truly beautiful reminder to leave it all to rest as you carry on in life. Was there a specific moment or story that influenced the creation of this song?

Thank you so much! We are really grateful for the coverage. I'm not sure there was one specific moment, but it's that moment when you finally feel like you wake up and realize you have all you need already. You feel like you can move on and stop the cycle that was

not working. I was never that good at relationships so for me, this moment happened often!

Could you please share the creative process of “Fly On?" What was everyone’s role in bringing this vision to life?

I wrote this song on guitar with lots of effects in mind. I brought the rough track to the band and everyone worked up these amazing parts. Really blew me away and took the song to a new level. We played it that way live for almost a year. Once we started recording

it with our producer Jeff Rosen we started to explore all the possibilities the song had as a studio production. Jeff had some amazing input and it sparked creativity in all of us. The song took on new harmonies, percussion, cello, and violin parts as well which were all brand new to the song. It was a really awesome undertaking and we had so much fun getting creative with it. We are thrilled with the final product. I feel like we achieved the intended

emotion of the song when I wrote it.

With such a powerful list of musical influences, how do you allow their sound to speak into your music while you remain in a lane of your own?

I think the biggest thing all of our combined influences have in common is Rock N' Roll. In one way or another, they fall under the huge umbrella of rock music. For me, drawing inspiration from an influence or song that I love might spark me to create something that

evokes that emotion in me. It might send me in a direction rhythmically or melodically which I try to go with and not fight at all. I think that a wide range of influences is what sparks me to

write a variety of song styles. "Fly On" is more of a ballad-type song for example and another song we have called "Show Me" has a real blues rock thing going on.

Do you have specific motives for the messaging you have as a band? How does that get carried into your music?

We as a band don't have motives. We aren't into that at all. We are just trying to make music that inspires us and hopefully, people can connect to the songs in some way and get some joy from our music. That is an amazing feeling when we get positive feedback from people

that connect with what we created.

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