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Keep It "In The Family," With nikmoody

Putting every ounce of his soul into his lyrics, nikmoody shares his talents with the world through his love for hip-hop. Since the passing of his ex-girlfriend, the Long Island rapper has been relentless in the pursuit of his dream. Though short stories, poems, and screenplays flooded his notebooks from an early age, it was her belief in his music that brought him to the stage.

Showing tremendous growth in his style, nikmoody has adapted to the bouncy trap sounds of the new school while keeping the lyricism that his fanbase craves. Now he continues to develop, with hip-hop being the most descriptive art form in the world when combined with pain and passion.

Recruiting the artistic techniques of Johnny Avino, the collaborative efforts alongside nikmoody's dominance bring a robust atmosphere to the dark essence that is, "In The Family." The bordering ominous universe that we get pulled into speaks into the heart of hip-hop with bold rhyme schemes that leave an imprint in your mind.

Flexing an unmatched lyrical dexterity that teeters into a protruding melody that leads us to the song's outro, the conveyance of this record complements the foundation of old-school hip-hop tenors, all while bringing a gritty flair to the new wave generation that's sweeping the soundwaves. The simplistic foundation of the instrumentation focuses on samples and tightly knit percussion. Honing in on the minimalistic approach that further enhances the wording that dominates the slick cadences of nikmoody, we're taken into a reflective sound that reflects cognizance to its fullest.

"In The Family" serves up lyrical cocktails with carefully crafted words such as 'So I pulled my family closer. I found a balance like I was hanging a poster. Cuz part of me's seeing pleasure being the Joker. But read the Ledger that party's over.' Continuing to release music with a burning passion that presents a different side of himself each time, the ambition of nikmoody is rather apparent in this record.


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