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Keepers Of Humanity Celebrate Authentic Artistic Expression On “Intersection”

Stay true to yourself, no matter what.

Having burst onto the scene with releases like “Intersection” and “Flowers in the DMZ,” San Francisco outfit Keepers of Humanity is arguably one of the most unique and enticing alt-rock bands. Having captured the hearts of audiences with their edgy, theatrical, and eclectic artistic identity, they’ve drawn comparisons to esteemed acts like Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Amanda Palmer. With their warm, approachable, and enticing sound, these talented artists are only hitting their stride, and if they manage to maintain the standard they’ve set for themselves, the future will be bright.

Channeling themes of introspection, uncertainty, chaos, hope, true love, and more on each release, Keepers of Humanity have made it their mission to make music that appeals to listeners on a deeper level. Comprised of Jean Nanjo (lead vocals), Rudy Choy (bass), guitarist Steven Bonaccorso (guitars), and Alexi Robins (drummer), although each member of Keeper of Humanity came from vastly different musical backgrounds, they fuse these influences to significant effect. Rather than take away from each other, they multiply their unique strengths, resulting in a cohesive sound that is as enticing as it is versatile and unique.

On their latest release, “Intersection,” the group’s rare and fantastic chemistry is again on display. Every part of this release works in tandem to enhance each other, from Nanjo’s vocals to Choy’s bass. Robins and Bonaccorso also turn in stellar performances. As Keepers of Humanity tap into feelings of leaving a bad relationship, racial discrimination, and more, it’s easy to get swept up in their pace. A standout release overall, Keepers of Humanity describes “Intersection” as “a celebration of individuality and homage to musicians who have made their mark by staying true to their ambitions.” A lofty goal indeed, but one they have exceeded here.

Keepers of Humanity’s latest release, “Intersection,” is a gripping release that balances poignant lyricism with a down-to-earth yet compelling sound. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Keeper of Humanity’s latest release, “Intersection,” available now, and keep an eye out for their upcoming EP, 'Pansori,' out on October 6th.


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