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Keido Bond Delivers Meaningful New Single "Impact"

Keido Bond is an upcoming artist whos music challenges him to open up about his bipolar disorder with an intention of helping others who are going through similar situations. Keido Bond's music primarily focuses on the subject of mental health while having lyrics and themes that covers most of his life until this point of time.

Keido Bond’s latest track “Impact” brings us an insightful look at mental illness in the form of a theatrical rap track with beautiful imagery. Bond raps soulfully through every verse allowing the listener to feel every throbbing pain that he goes through while living with a mental illness. The instrumental have a strong bass sound to them increasing the intensity of the song. We also see the biracial cross of Keido being half English and Japanese. The angst and severity of emotion is similar to Joji especially with his bluntness of lyrics that hit you suddenly. “Straight jacket, they say they need that”, is just one lyric that shows Keido not only acknowledging the stigma that comes with mental illness. “This Isn’t Me”, this lyric alone will give you chills because of the raw emotion that you hear in his voice. Certainly a successful and upcoming artist that will bring more than just music to people, but art and awareness of an important issue.

Listen to "Impact" here.

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