Keira Costelloe Unleashes New Wave Synth-Pop on Latest Hit “Tell Me”

Uplifting pop synths invade your speakers on Keira Costelloe’s latest track, “Tell Me.” Kiera’s modern and airy vocals serenade “Tell Me” naturally, along with its edgy synth-wave sound. Vulnerable, stripped-down lyrics sung by Keira’s harmonic voice, give depth and gravity on her latest hit. A cascading chorus hits us head-on, full of bleeding-heart lyrics: “Don’t find you another, I’m so tired of being lonely,” “Can’t you tell me.” The stylistic EDM beats and emotional lyrics tell the story of a wounded, aching heart that Costelloe has sung angelically. “Tell Me,” has hints of musical stylings such as “The Chainsmokers,” and “Zedd,” offering a fresh modern take to synth-pop music.

At the age of 13, Keira had mastered the guitar and began writing her own lyrics and melodies. Keira currently resides in the beautiful country of Malaysia but has always had the California dream at the forefront of her mind. In 2019 she was discovered during a talent showcase in Los Angeles, California by Christopher ‘C-Ray’ Roberts of OnKey Entertainment and Marc ‘M.Doc’ Williams of Indasoul Entertainment. Her ability to attract industry attention has propelled her career forward and situated herself for further upcoming releases following her latest hit, “Tell Me.” We cant wait to see what the future brings from Keira Costelloe.

You can find “Tell Me” here.

Hello Keira, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your fresh hit “Tell Me.” Can you tell our listeners more about the song and what the meaning is it is?

Thank you so much and thank you to BuzzMusic for this opportunity to tell you a bit more about me, my plans, and what drives me forward. “Tell Me” is about a relationship, with mixed emotions and the fine line between friendship and something more serious. One part of the melody came from something I was playing around with earlier in 2019 but once we got into the studio, the song took on a life of its own and we are really pleased with the outcome.

What is the music community like in Malaysia like and how have you been able to stay connected to the North American music scene?

With the music streaming platforms available it really is a world without borders, so we get to hear the full range of music that is out there. Being from Malaysia ( my Mom is Malaysian, my Dad is a Brit) we hope there would be an added interest in an up and coming local Malaysian star, with the added interest that her music is produced in LA by the likes of Marc E Williams and Christopher C-Ray Roberts. Like all countries, local listeners tend to naturally support one of their own. I do stay connected to the North American music scene and this was one of the main reasons we chose to work with Marc and C-Ray in LA to experience both the environment and the music development scene.

What factors in your life have driven you to peruse a career in music? Do you have any musical influences that have shaped your musical outlook?

My love of music and the desire to create music that I like to hear and those influences include Melanie Martinez, The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Bazzi, DJ Snake, to name but a few.

You began your musical pursuits at such a young age. How do you think you have grown as an artist since you first started on your musical endeavors?

Music has always been in my life. The songwriting and the melody making bit came in from the age of 11. I like to create new melodies and try not to go down the same path each time a new song comes into my head. Working with Marc and C-Ray has changed my view of music-making and its been a great experience. I do have a desire to also work behind the console and learn the mixing/ development skills during the creation of my songs.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

The release of “Tell Me”, my first professionally recorded single, has been a huge event for me. We are hoping the song is well-liked and I can create the start of a real fan base that follows me and my music as we go forward in 2020. My next song in the works is called “Never Going Back”, we are close to finalizing the song and we hope to release by August,’20. Also, in the pipeline for 2020 is more song development, I have one or two new melodies in my head and can’t wait to start developing with the guys.