Keith Cullen Gives a Sonic Insight on His Definition of Relationships With This Visionary Record

Keith Cullen released the dynamic and sonic record titled “Fire & Fever”. Keith Cullen showcases multiple different skill sets in this record. Showcasing his creative ingenuity and buoyant personality, his emotional lyrics overflow with passion.“Fire & Fever” provides a powerful visual and representation of what we can expect from Keith Cullen’s forthcoming album release in 2020. Keith Cullen is an extravagant type of artist and the music he releases captivates his listener. When we took a listen to “Fire & Fever” we became absorbed within the powerful elements that undeniably capture you into the music.

“Fire & Fever” had every characteristic that makes a hit record. The production of the song was perfectly arranged, the lyrics in the record were raw & unguarded, giving us a poetically inversive approach to love and heartbreak. What’s so special about “Fire & Fever” was how it personally related to the artist himself. Of course, he would be able to elaborate on this more than we could, but you grasp a huge understanding of the personal journey of love Keith Cullen has endured. “Fire & Fever” was a visionary single that exceeded past our expectations and more. If you want to listen to a finely-calibrated and well-crafted single that comes from the heart of an artist, “Fire & Fever” is the song to be in-tuned with.

You can listen to “Fire & Fever” here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Keith Cullen! What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome during your personal music career and in what ways have you overcame it?

In 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and a tumor in my bladder, which was pretty scary stuff! Both personally and professionally this was a huge Challenge to overcome- I am very happy to tell you I am fully healed and create my finest art/music to date. The easiest way in the dark times was to visualize me back on stage and to be back was glorious!

Let’s talk about this sizzling new record “Fire & Fever”, Mind explaining to us the direct inspiration you had for this single?

The direct inspiration was a relationship that was literally too hot to handle in all the wrong ways!

The feeling when somebody consumes you to the point you literally feel “ there’s a fever burning in your bones” it's a modern-day love affair that turned into a scary-tale instead of a fairytale.

How would you describe your creative approach to “Fire & Fever”?

Fresh and uninhibited - JJ Daly who wrote the song with me in a genius when it comes to telling a story In a very universal way that resonates with you no matter what! Its also such a fun song to perform live and creating the artwork and music video we git to play with the darker side of my creativity!

Tell us about the arrangements in “Fire & Fever”, were there any new elements you experimented with?

Fire and fever were started on a Skype call between LA and Ireland and lyrics and melodies put down in demo form in my motherland- Then when it crossed the pond to LA I invited 2 extraordinary young producers, Devin Kennedy and Connor Musarra, to work their magic on it!

Can you give us a hint of what we can expect from your upcoming album in 2020? "Dear Future Me” is the title and realness and honesty are what’s getting served up.