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KellyMarie Has Us Back To Feeling Like, “Us Again”

This versatile indie-pop artist KellyMarie comes straight from McKinney, Texas, and has us in love with her pop-crazed authenticity and significant hit songs. "Us Again" is the third single from her album 'IT IS MY ALBUM,' which is set to release on August 12.

KellyMarie does an astounding vocal and lyrical performance on "Us Again." This single talks about her poetic and cinematic love story between two people who have the entire city to explore and discover together. New York is the city they're in and the major concrete jungle is their oyster. KellyMarie's gratitude for their long journey takes this release to the next level. She adds such raw emotion and feeling that you can feel the relatable lyrics in your soul.

"Us Again" shows us a very vulnerable KellyMarie, as she opens up about not wanting to return to the way things were because there's no future. "Got the guy, Got the city," she glides across the magical New York, craving to experience the fullness of life with him. Holding hands and feeling like themselves again is all she's ever wanted. It feels right.

Her dreams of a romantic love story have come true.

"Us Again" is an entertaining piece of art by the talented singer, and we hope to hear more from her soon.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KellyMarie. We love "Us Again" and your effortless presence on it! How did you know this was a record you wanted to make? How did this record come about?

Writing an “Office” themed album definitely sits up there with the coolest things I’ve ever done. “Us Again” is the 3rd single from my upcoming album “IT IS MY ALBUM.” I wrote this album during lockdown while I was watching “The Office” for about the 14th time. Inspiration hit the second Pam said, “We just couldn’t get the timing right.” I paused the show and decided at that moment that I was going to write an album about “The Office.” And the first song I wrote was “Timing Right,” - which was my first single. Sometime later, I had to decide what type of album this would be - and I settled on an album of love songs. I have some other songs that didn’t make the album, but maybe they’ll find their way out into the world someday…

The production suits the concept so well; how did you select or create the production for "Us Again?" Could you explain a bit about your production process on records like these?

I have had the best team working with me on this project since the beginning. Chris Jacobie and Jacob Hildebrand produced the album. We met last summer to first go over each song’s structure and vibe, as well as the vision for the entire album. They are also amazing musicians and do a great job at getting to the core of what my vision is for each song and bringing them to life in an even more beautiful and unique way. “Us Again” is about Karen and Jim’s trip to New York. Therefore we really wanted to capture the New York vibe in this song. Every song’s approach is different, but for this track, we started with the drums and built from there. Throughout this process, I have had the privilege of working with the best team of producers, musicians, mixed engineers, photographers, graphic designers, and support systems. I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

"Us Again" gives us such a euphoric sense of love! How has your romantic life brought out the best in your music?

My husband is my sounding board and my biggest fan. I would not have made it to the studio if it weren’t for his support and belief in me. Many of my songs would not have made it past the scratchy voice memo phase of songwriting if it weren’t for his excitement and encouragement to press on. It has been a dream getting to write an album about my favorite show while having the support of my favorite person.

What's the message you're delivering in "Us Again?"

“Us Again” is complicatedly wonderful. A listener who doesn’t know this song's nature and inspiration will assume that it’s a feel-good song about adventure and love - which was my intent. However, fans of TV’s “The Office” will remember that this trip was for a job interview; and that prior to this trip - Pam confessed that she did call off her wedding for Jim.

This conviction of sudden honesty created a mess of awkwardness and surely uncertainty for Karen as she carried on in her relationship with Jim in New York. She had hopes for their future there. Hope to start over. Hope to move on. Together. But SPOILER ALERT, that’s not how the trip goes, and Karen soon finds out where Jim’s heart is at. I guess the takeaway from this song would be: don’t waste time looking at your feet, expecting the shoe to drop. Instead, look up. Take in the lights.

What's next for you?

My debut album, “IT IS MY ALBUM," will be released on August 12. In the meantime, I’ll continue playing shows and getting ready for the release. I have a show on June 11th in beautiful downtown Plano, Texas, at McCall Plaza so if you are in the area - come on out!! In the meantime, be sure to check out my other singles - “Timing Right” and “ONCE+” (out everywhere now)!!! Thanks for letting me share all the details on “Us Again,” and I hope you enjoy the song!


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