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Kelsey Gill Searches For Love In an Exciting Debut Single

UK-based powerhouse singer-songwriter and intoxicating recording artist Kelsey Gill makes her big debut in a new, heavy-hitting single, "Rob Me Blind."

The song has received rave reviews from UK critics who dub Kelsey Gill one of the most exciting acts to debut in 2022. Gill first made waves on the scene in 2018 when collaborating with YellowClaw on "I'll Be Fine." Her forthcoming debut album, 'New Blood,' features collaborators including A$AP Ferg, DJ Snake, and Moksi.

Keeping the energy alive is Kelsey Gill's debut single "Rob Me Blind," co-written with producer DQ (Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, and many more). The song brings listeners into a groovy, modern alt-pop listening experience where Gill's poised and confident performance bulldozes the competition with the utmost swagger and talent.

Jumping into the new bop, "Rob Me Blind," the experience kicks off with a groovy and plucky bassline alongside Kelsey Gill's spoken word-like vocals that bust a few rhymes and expand on needing a chance at love. As her sweet vocals begin pouring through our speakers, Kelsey Gill grooves her way to the hook and continues yearning for a powerful lover, even if it robs her blind.

We adore the concept of this track, and enhancing it is the minimal and tightly-wound instrumentals that expand with modern hip-hop drums and vibrant vocal harmonies. Kelsey Gill's performance in this track is definitely one of the most confident we've seen from a debut artist, and we're sure her poise and composure will rub off on any listener.

Show some love to the new and improved Kelsey Gill through her riveting debut single, "Rob Me Blind," now available on all streaming platforms.

We're totally impressed with the confidence and power you've brought to your debut single, "Rob Me Blind." Why did you want to release this powerhouse track as your first official single?

Thank you so much! We worked on so many cool songs this one just felt right, the funky base was a real opening statement sound, and the message of not taking life so serious with everything that’s been going on in the world felt right, I didn’t want a negative sad love song to start with I wanted a cool vibe and show a bit of independence and confidence.

What inspired the passionate and relatable lyrics in "Rob Me Blind"? What did you want to get across to your audience?

Well, I wanted to say something refreshing and true to me that not everyone has the same take on a breakup and that I want true love to really rob me blind and so far I can’t have found that life without each other love yet. I wanted to say it’s ok to be independent and confident and have fun. It’s really all came from conversations with my friends and sister about breakups they’d been through and giving advice in a positive way.

What was it like working alongside such a notable and talented producer like DQ for "Rob Me Blind?" How did he help navigate your ideas and concepts?

I love DQ I have so much respect for what he’s done and who he is as a person, when I first worked with him I was so nervous coz he’s such a pro and a vocal perfectionist, I really wanted to impress him, he’d had Beyoncé and in that studio so I had big boots to fill. And I really wanted him to keep wanting to work with me. But that very first day he made me feel so chilled it all came naturally and that was the day we wrote Rob me blind and then he couldn’t get rid of me & we wrote an entire body of work together and is a friend for life!

How does "Rob Me Blind" help new listeners get to know your sound and style better?

What's next for you?

Well, I’ve only really had big belting feature dance tracks out before now. So this is really the first time I’ve exposed my personality or opinions across on a record and showed different sides to my voice in a different genre. "Rob me blind" was just the introduction there’s a whole lot more music to come with a lot of storytelling so I hope you enjoy it.

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