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Kem’Yah Lights Our Fire with a Blazing Single, "Shango"

Bringing us the heat from Toronto, the hip-hop/r&b artist, rapper, and singer-songwriter Kem'Yah spits nothing but fire with his latest single, "Shango."

Emphasizing his Congolese background through his versatile stylings, Kem'Yah's music blends the sounds of Congolese rumba, reggae, hip-hop, r&b, soul, and jazz. Excited to pierce through international markets with his blazing tunes, Kem'Yah's music is quickly making its way to various audiences while garnering ample attention.

Highlighting his latest single, "Shango," Kem’Yah takes on a heated approach through his tight vocal delivery and the song's sweltering sonics. Hitting us over the head with the ferocity and liveliness of modern hip-hop, Kem’Yah makes the experience all the more memorable with help from his stimulating performance.

Getting to know the single, "Shango," the track opens with samples of a deep lion roar and groan while swiftly dropping into a heavy beat drop through punchy kicks and vibrating sub-bass. Making way for Kem’Yah's vocal delivery, he begins rapping with the utmost poise and heart while touching on themes of working hard for the successes he's gathered.

We're wildly impressed by Kem’Yah's crisp and understandable vocal delivery, as he carries us through the track with his densely melodic vocals and powerhouse bars without a dull moment in sight. While Kem’Yah continues to ride the contemporary hip-hop beat until the outro, he brings us into a scorching hot atmosphere through the song's dark tones and his intense delivery.

Catch yourself deep in the vibe of Kem’Yah's latest single, "Shango," and get to know the talented hip-hop/r&b artist on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Kem’Yah and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We admire the heat and power you've delivered within your recent single, "Shango." What inspired you to create this robust and powerful hit?

I had some legal troubles and recently beat my charges. The sense of invincibility that comes when one feels they've regained their freedom after having it seized from them is really what sparked this record. The more eye dove into that state of mind, Shango, an Orisha in the Yoruba belief system kept coming to mind. Other than being the original Thor, to some he also represents justice and so eye delivered that on the single from my perspective.

What did your songwriting process look like behind the scenes of your single, "Shango"? What message did you want to get across through your bars?

I poured a libation to Shango, lit a hemp blunt, and began writing. And the message was really to be fearless, trust in yourself and your nature, and you'll be surprised at how similar you and the gods are.

We can't get enough of the deep and growling production within "Shango." Did you create the production yourself, or did you work with any producers during this process?

DB The Plug produced the beat, and my engineer Astro and eye added the lion growl, as well as the thunder effects, heard throughout the hook.

Would you say that most of your music resides under the heated sounds of contemporary hip-hop, or do you often explore other genres and sounds as well?

Well, we've coined my own genre and dubbed it Afro-Rebel. Since I'm Afrikan my music will always be Afrikan in nature and will always be influenced and inspired by all that is Afrikan music from Hip Hop, to RnB, To Pop, Afrobeat, to Congolese Rumba, and etc. The rebel aspect is because my music always aims to challenge all systems in place that oppress my people and others who are affected by these systems in similar manners.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

'The Gods Are Rising.'

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