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KeMoNi has Listeners Exploring the Various Emotions of Love in "On Go"

Emerging R&B artist KeMoNi wears many hats in the industry as he provides an emotional connection for his fan base far and wide.

KeMoNi hopes to motivate and help others understand the inner workings of emotions not commonly discussed. Heavily influenced by sounds from the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s he looks to legends such as The Isley Brothers, Michael Jackson, Minnie Riperton, and Music Soulchild as inspiration. His music aims to bring each resonated element of his influences into the present day, allowing his creations to reach, inspire and touch as many hearts as possible.

The lulling sounds emitted on his most recent album release, 'L.o.V.E [LettingOutVariousEmotions],' we fluently capture the soothing essence of KeMoNi’s earnest timbres through 10 tracks that seamlessly weave into one another. The ninth song showcased on this album, “On Go,” taps into a wistful ambiance that has KeMoNi reflecting on specific questions of love and trust in a relationship in order to find out if what’s in front of him is authentic to the core.

The tantalizing instrumentation of “On Go,” infiltrates our mind and heart as we are swept off our feet and into the reminiscent universe fashioned through the execution of delicate piano chords, 808’s, and the sincere echoes that KeMoNi portrays with his luscious timbres. Radiating an illuminating series of sentiments through intense vibrations, KeMoNi utilizes the poignant messaging in his musicality that ushers his audience into the undeniable crooning of adoration he eloquently displays.

KeMoNi has us immersed in the superlative qualities that love can bring. Allowing us to step into his universe as he casts out a spellbinding showcase of his artistic talents, KeMoNi has our senses at an all-time high in this thought-provoking expose of the cognizant mechanics steering his mind titled “On Go.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KeMoNi. The sound that you radiate in “On Go,” truly has us recognizing the power you have in your delivery and brand! Could you please share the inspiration behind this song?

Thank you for having me on! "On Go" -- man, this song, this song has such a strong history to even begin. This song is a nod and appreciation to the era of R&B music back in the 2000s, the birth of the Neyo, Marques Houston, Ray J, B2K, and Chris Brown. I wanted to emulate with a modern spin to those classical times of R&B, to really show my deep appreciation to what I call the "Evolutionary Era" of R&B. "On Go" is my call back to just pure love-making.

What went into the creative process of “On Go?" Did you find that the process for this song varied from the others on the album or did it stay true to the scheme you approached?

I met Malachi "MacBizzy" Powell, the producer of this beat, sometime in August of 2020; he heard one of my songs off an IG live review show and wanted to work with me. I was scrolling through his page and instantly fell in love with one of the many amazing beats he had, and that would now be "On Go". I was just beginning to get over a horrible breakup with my ex, which at the time I needed an outlet to remind myself that love is still obtainable in contrast to my experience in that relationship. Fast forward to January 2021, In preparation for putting together my album, "On Go" had to be put into the album as it made perfect sense story-wise, but I was stumped and could not find the inspiration to finish this song. It wasn't until MacBizzy reminded me of my potential and, like an amazing friend, he pushed me to work harder and harder on this song. Quite frankly this song and "Hold Up!" ironically were the only songs on the album that took the longest to make, but these songs are the key songs that really push my artistry to such a dynamic level. With the push of MacBizzy and my team at Media Vybe Entertainment, I was finally able to finish my Album 'L.o.V.E [LettingOutVariousEmotions]' and in turn, I was able to find love not only in myself but in others as well.

You are a Jack of all trades when it comes to your craft. As a singer-songwriter, audio engineer, producer, CEO of the label Media Vybe Entertainment, and photographer, do you happen to have a favorite part of your artistry that you showcase to the public? What’s your reasoning?

Haha, why yes, one could say that I juggle way too many hats, but honestly, I feel my image as an Artist is pushed to the front because when they see me I want everyone to see that I do have a passion for music but I am soo much more than that. I care about everything and everyone, in fact, the only reason why I started my own label Media Vybe Entertainment (MVE), is to show that you can have all the key elements of life, fun, love, and ambition whilst being about business. A lot of labels I have seen run a business off scamming their artists which in turn lowers their morale for the sake of business. My goal in life and within my label is far greater than that. I want to show the world love, finish what Michael Jackson started.

What is the concept locked into 'L.o. V.E [LettingOutVariousEmotions]?' Was there a specific moment or story that shaped your motives to put this body of work out?

'L.o.V.E [LettingOutVariousEmotions]' is the epitome of love itself, in addition to the first in a trilogy of a relationship. First, you have love, this ranges from the talking stage, the dates, the sex, and the point where the feeling of love actually happens. With the help of producers such as Noden (Mixtape Seoul), Jaydot, J. Grooves, MacBizzy (MVE), Treymxn, BEATCoin, Def Starz, and Dystinkt Beats; and features from dope indie artists such as Rad HD, Jquaris, MAI (MVE), and Novadabrat; This is for everyone who has ever been in love and I am sure everyone can relate to every single song on this album, even the beginning with a close friend of mine, Ken Goings. His words of wisdom have inspired me further to "bring back love". Each song is based on emotions and moments we have all went through in the stage of love.

What's next for you?

I have to complete the story, I cannot go into more details for the next project (it would ruin the mystery) however, the next project is definitely showcasing a completely different side of me. Stay tuned, and follow me on social media to stay up to date. Again, thank you for having me. Also viewers, please be sure to checkout BuzzMusic for amazing & dope content!



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