Ken Neth Has Released His Latest Single, "Big Bank" Featuring RellzMusiq

Ken Neth is a Florida-born artist who is inspired by lyrical expression to uplift the spirits of those listening -- he succeeds in keeping the music more parallel to the people. At just eight years old, he was introduced to 2pac, OutKast, and A Tribe Called Quest. These musicians inspired him to later pick up the microphone and inspire others in return. Ken Neth's style is to consciously combine various genres and styles to create a more universal message. His music incorporates everything from mainstream rap, backpack, conscious, or alternative — he aims to create the most accessible type of music he can. While living in Orlando for the past six years, Ken Neth was surrounded by constant creativity from all possible avenues. This allowed his sound to adapt to environmentally and with diversity.

His latest single "Big Bank" featuring RellzMusiq is a high energy, raw, anthemic track that features a bopping hook, crisp sounding 808 drums, and intricate music box type instrument, and explosive backing vocals. From the moment the song begins, Ken Neth does not hold back on his potential. “Big Bank" has a very raw and familiar feel, as if coming from an earlier era, but still feels current in today's modern music. We can't wait to hear what else Ken Neth is planning for music fans.

Listen to "Big Bank" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ken Neth! We're loving your latest high energy single "Big Bank"! Could you talk to us a bit about the production and songwriting process of it? How did you come across the lyrics that you performed?

This song was created organically, whenever I take long drives 1 hour or more I think up beats that I either have saved in my drive or I search YouTube. On those drives is generally when I do all my writing and write the best, it isn’t the safest lol I don’t recommend it to anyone else but it’s what works for me. When the beat came on I immediately felt the energy and I just let that carry me into the song that was then created!

It's always great to hear about people being inspired at a young age. What about your early influences of 2pac, OutKast, and A Tribe Called Quest inspired you to pick up a microphone and begin creating music? Honestly, they just drew me to music sonically, the inspiration to create music happened at random. I and a few friends of mine were downloading what we thought were songs from LimeWire, it turns out they were beats and instead of deleting them we decided to just rap on them. So using the little cord mic that PCs came with at that time, we placed it in between the two speakers and just recorded having to jump out the way so that the other could come next, a different time in the progress of technology. But we took that to school the next day and tho it probably wasn’t very good the reception was great, I loved that feeling and as a result, I’ve been in love with the art ever since.

Your style is about diversity and creating a universal message, do you feel like this is something Hip-Hop doesn't do enough of? Is there anything that you think other people within that genre should strive to achieve as a whole?

I just create what I feel, what feels good to me and what I would like to listen to. I believe there’s room for all styles of music to exist and there are a time and a situation for them all. I feel Music is very diverse as a whole, you just have to be willing to search sometimes and listen to what’s out there.

Every day there are tons of new inspiration being created and put out there, is there anything within this cloud of creativity that inspires you to strive for something new? What inspires you the most?

Based on where I started, I’m inspired by the ability to improve as long as I put in the work. I’m inspired by the ability to make someone's day better simply by hearing my work. I like to create from a place to free your mind versus creating music that puts you deeper into those sad or angry emotions you may feel on the daily. I’m here to be a relief from that and provide good vibes.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

Next, I just plan to keep being consistent releasing singles and visuals and just continuing to hone my craft and push it to whoever desires to feel the vibes! HoLup!