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Kendra Erika Leads Us Into, "Gemini" Season

The South Florida-based electro-pop artist and singer-songwriter Kendra Erika releases a lively summer banger that pays tribute to her partner's duality entitled "Gemini."

Using her voice as her superpower, Kendra Erika's powerhouse and dynamic vocals have landed her multiple tracks in the top ten of Billboard's Dance Charts. With a voice that pulls on anyone's heartstrings, Kendra Erika stops at nothing until her music evokes deep emotions within her audience and listeners.

As we approach "Gemini" season, Kendra Erika leaves us with an upbeat groove while touching on the many aspects she feels when encountering the sign of the twins. Through her thumping electronic basslines and pulsating drums, Erika makes the experience all the more powerful through her sensual and mysterious vocal delivery.

Diving into the single "Gemini," the track opens with a lively electronic beat accompanied by a melodic array of synths and floating background pads. As Erika begins adding to the song's ambiance through her breathy and sultry vocal delivery, she later touches on the confusing yet invigorating feeling of being in the presence of her Gemini partner.

We truly adore the upbeat and energetic feel of this track, as it makes for the perfect song to keep on repeat while hitting the open freeway during our sweltering summer days. Through each transcendent and celestial synth arrangement, Kendra Erika brings us deeper into the mystery and glamour of romance through her lush vocals and playful lyricism.

Ride into "Gemini" season with help from Kendra Erika's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to "Gemini" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kendra Erika. We love the upbeat and mysterious vibe of your latest single, "Gemini." What inspired you to create a song surrounding a Gemini's dynamic ways?

The concept of a Gemini is very dynamic, astrological or not. One of my producers in LA, Chris Garcia and I doubled up to write this one. The fact that we both, in sync, started singing “Gemini” in the place where the hook is, is super meant to be, especially because it was a dual and parallel thought and idea that we had together. It wasn’t until after the fact that I realized the most turbulent, yet most thrilling relationship I ever had, was with a Gemini. So, this was a long time coming in writing about it to channel that past experience.

Did you produce your single "Gemini" yourself? How did you create the sonics to complement the song's lyrical theme?

Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Santana) and I teamed up to create “Gemini." He provided the track, and we sat down in his studio and wrote to the track he curated.

How do songs like "Gemini" represent your brand and the music you create? Do you aim to delve deeper into the electronic/dance realm with your future releases?

I would absolutely love to continue trailblazing down the electronic/dance road. A couple of ballads here and there to allow the blaze to breathe, and to showcase a more intimate facet of my vocal ability. But, delving deeper into the EDM realm is where I will drive the chariot moving onward. Being that you've landed multiple tracks in the top ten of Billboard's Dance Charts, do you ever find it challenging to create music that reaches the bar and standards of your previous well-received singles?

With each song I’m building, I never want to put that unnecessary pressure on myself to meet those bars or standards. Does that mean I don’t strive for excellence? Of course not. Each project is different, so being a believer in nostalgia, every song and production is going to be the best in its unique form. Let’s just say I have adapted a “c’est la vie” attitude, with a “carpe diem” mentality to achieve the most quality out of each song. The universe has its hand on me. What can we expect to see next?

The next single called “Rapture” will be released in the heart of the summer. And, from there, more pedal to the metal as far as new music, and live performances to come in the near future.

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