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Kendra & The Bunnies Talk New Music and Tour

Hey Kendra! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! Your new single “Silent Sleeper” is here! The fan response has been amazing so far! How are you feeling?

Thanks so much for inviting me to interview today! I am so happy to see the fan response of my single "Silent Sleeper". It is always such a sweet feeling when my hard work is seen and appreciated by listeners. There has also been quite a bit of press coverage following the release of this song. A variety of blogs and magazines held premieres of the single; from East Portland Music Blog to Aesthetic Magazine based in Toronto, there has been a lot of hype.

We also saw on IG you are doing a Silent Sleeper Single release tour – such a fun idea! How did you decide where you would play for these shows?

There are a few factors on how I decided where to play during my "Silent Sleeper" Release Tour. A major factor was going where similar types of music are relevant. I decided to choose Portland & Bend, Oregon -- and -- Denver & Nederland, Colorado for the reason that shows attendees there really appreciate my hippie, folk vibe and lyrical style. The reason I decided to play Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as the closing city of the tour is because I was selected to perform two showcases at the Millennium Music Conference being held there the last weekend of February. The other factor in my decision-making process was traveling somewhere where I already knew I had fans and friends to support. I have connections in Portland, and I lived in Denver for two years.

For someone that has not seen you live – what can we expect when we come out to catch a live show?

A night of energetic conversation. Through the combination of music, spoken word, and theatrical presentation, I aim to draw the listener into a transcendental suspension of the now. My lyrics are poetry, and I strum the guitar in a trance-inducing rhythmic fashion. I hope to bring emotional healing to concert attendees by sharing my experiences through pre-written music performed in real-time.

What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music in your career? Have you had an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all?

The greatest surprise is witnessing how beautifully inspiration guides the songwriting process. Arriving at interesting times, the draw to write down a stanza of lyrics or record a melody calls to me in a repetitive fashion in my mind. It hounds me until I get out of the shower (with half lathered suds in my hair) and transpose whichever element is speaking through me at that time. From there, it becomes a matter of when I sit down to write out the rest of the song. A welcomed challenge has been the mental prowess that is necessary to develop for performance. My mindset becomes one of the focused-guide and centered being.

Can you share some advice for any artists that are wanting to break into performing and writing music? Maybe something you had to wish you had known getting started.

Absolutely! Gravitate towards the places, people, and activities that make you feel the most joyful in your life. Those are going to be the most fruitful for developing a relationship with your style of inspiration. Next would be to start appreciating the movement of life. This is my way of saying, "Enjoy the Journey". There is so much to be experienced in every moment. Be open to how blessings will manifest. Get out there and perform. Stand your ground on stage. Be that bright shining light that you are.

Growing up, how important was music in your life? It can be a tough road, were your family and friends supportive of this career choice?

Music has always been a very important facet of my life. Beginning with singing in musical theatre productions, I was drawn to the way music can expand the narrative of who a character is within the show's story. I noticed the same structure in a lot of rock 'n roll songs too. Particular songs became the soundtrack for specific moments in my life. I can trace certain albums to certain eras of living and tell you what was going on with me. In reference to your second question, I started performing as an actress and singer at a very young age, so my family has always been supportive of this career choice. It is who I am.

Where can we get our hands on the new single and support you on social media?

"Silent Sleeper" is streaming now on all music platforms.



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