Kenna Inspires Listeners Everywhere With Her Tender Single, "Harvest"

From Nashville, TN, the Singer/Songwriter, and Alt-Pop Artist Kenna plant the seeds for her future with her latest inspirational single, "Harvest."

Unapologetically speaking her truth, Kenna stands strong as an LGBTQIA+ identifying artist while using her platform to tackle social justice issues at large and always inspiring the listener to trust their own individual process.

With her recent single, "Harvest," Kenna pushes the logic that there's power in waiting for one's dreams to flourish and keeping track of the growing success that will soon come their way. With spacious and melodic instrumentation and bright Pop production, Kenna pushes us into the unknown with each warm sonic aspect and her empowering lyricism.

"Harvest" begins with Kenna's airy and delicate vocals singing of her troubles and seeking the root of her problems. As the surrounding instrumentals start to power through with immense space through soothing electric guitar melodies, airy drum breaks, and ambient Pop synths, the song offers faith and optimism within Kenna's passionate performance and the equally engaging instrumentals.

As the energy picks up about halfway through the song, a whopping percussion breakdown leads the way for Kenna's soothing vocals to serenade listeners regarding the nurturing of their goals. As she continues to deliver lyrics that remind listeners of their inner-power, the song comes to an end with the song's climax through surreal instrumentals that fuel our inner fire.

We're highly appreciative of such a textured and empowering single like "Harvest," as Kenna puts it all on the line for listeners to find the inspiration to execute their goals and take good care of them.

What initially inspired you to create a song like "Harvest," where you highlight the importance of nurturing your dreams? This year has been incredibly challenging, with a lot of uncertainties floating around. It has felt like a new question mark has popped up at every stage of my journey. I came into the room with Jared Anderson, my co-writer and producer, (or, Zoom session in this case) with the first verse idea - “I’ve been digging in the dirt // going deep as I can go without getting hurt // can I find the root, can I make space // for something that’ll ground me through the change.”

I think throughout this year especially, it’s important to hold onto what grounds us - whatever that is. The unknown is always going to be there. I’ve been holding onto patience, onto beauty, onto meaning, and having faith in the process. Sometimes we just have to dive in and trust. How did you craft the instrumentals and production on "Harvest" to offer a similar inspirational tone as your lyrics? What was your creative process like when arranging and composing the song? The acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song is exactly how we started writing the song. We ended up making the acoustic guitar the main part of the song in the recording process. I love combining organic instruments and sounds with synth-based elements, which was what we tried to achieve in this track. I think it’s symbolic of my creative process, wanting to feel grounded in that acoustic/earthy sound while also adding experimental elements. Your lyrics within "Harvest" are incredibly vivid and descriptive. How did you go about writing lyrics that would inspire the listener? All I seek to do is speak from the heart. In doing so, I hope that it speaks to someone else’s heart. That’s all I ever want to do - to connect, to share in our common human experiences. What can we expect to see from you as we enter a new year?

More new music! A lot of it. I can’t wait.