Kenny Supreme Pours His Heart Out on His Recent Single, "Be the One"

Coming in hot from the Bronx, NY, the triple threat and passionate performer Kenny Supreme releases his heartfelt modern-day ballad with, "Be the One."

Bringing a blend of dance music, R&B, and pop, Kenny Supreme thanks his influences (Lady Gaga, Tinashe, Jennifer Lopez, etc.) for helping him pave his unique and distinct musical path. 

His recent single "Be the One" brings listeners on a sweet R&B ride through his poetic and passionate lyrics and the wide atmospheric production. Kenny Supreme's vocals are incredibly intriguing; he naturally pulls us into his engaging and mesmerizing melodies. While singing a regretful story with all his heart, Kenny Supreme has truly fueled this track with boundless love, which we can feel through our speakers.

The opening of "Be the One" with Kenny Supreme's delicate vocals accompanied by equally soothing ghost vocals, the track starts with vast serenity. He begins pouring his heart within the lyricism and describes such pure and magical love through his carefully crafted words. Asking for a second chance, Kenny Supreme continues to express his passion while the song's production steadily escalates to this heartfelt, melodic, and transcendent space full of love. The overall production not only provides this passionate space, but amplifies it through softened melodies, layered vocals, and calming down-tempo drums.

Kenny Supreme invites us into such a vulnerable and relatable place with his single "Be the One," and we love each captivating step of the way. Genuinely one of the most endearing and heartfelt pieces we've heard recently. 

Hello Kenny, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. What made you want to create such a heartfelt and passionate song with "Be the One"? What inspired your poetic and balladic lyricism?

I’ve always made music that was uplifting & danceable. I wanted to try something different which is slower & meaningful. It first started with a beat that I heard online. Once I heard the beat, I immediately started feeling a type of emotion. I had written the song during the pandemic & it seemed as though being in quarantine brought out my inner emotions. I thought of a person who I wanted to be with but unfortunately, we couldn’t be together for other reasons. In the song, I say that yes I’m not perfect & I make mistakes but I know that they should be the lover for me. 

Seeing as your message within "Be the One" is incredibly heartfelt and sincere, how did you craft the production to reflect these themes? Did you have any collaborative help during the process?

The instrumental for the song was a little different than the original one that I found online. I sent it to a producer in India & he sent me the newer version in two days. I fell in love with it & knew that I had to make this an official track. After that, I got in contact with a producer in Canada which I’ve worked within the past. I had recorded my vocals in my bedroom & sent it to him the same day. When he sent it back, I cried so hard because it was complete perfection. 

Back to your songwriting process within "Be the One," did you face any challenges when opening up and being so vulnerable in order to write such passionate lyricism?

I had written the song during quarantine in my bedroom. Being inside for so long by myself made me really sad. I didn’t have the person I wanted to keep my company. So I let out all my emotions through the song. After the track was completely finished, I didn’t feel quite so lonely anymore. I was able to let out my feelings & tell a story through my song. In a way, hearing the song filled my void. 

Seeing as you're a talented triple threat, how do you balance your other jobs and gigs with your music career? Do you feel that being a triple threat gives you an advantage?

For me, I love to work. I’m always working on the next thing. Balancing my other jobs & my music career is difficult but also easy. I find it difficult because if I do a lot at once, I tend to overthink & lose my creative vision at times. I get so hooked on everything that my mind loses focus. But I find it easy because once I get myself together, all my artistic ideas come to me at once & there’s no stopping me after that. I feel like it does have a good advantage because I’m always on the move. I’m always doing something. My mind is always active. I also find that you don’t just have to do one thing, you can do it all. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

To be honest, the 2020 pandemic actually inspired me. It made me realize that we must live our lives to the fullest. You’ll never know what can happen. During this time, I’ve been able to really find myself & find my purpose. Every day, I’m evolving into the artist who I’ve always wanted it to be & I am continuing to grow. I know for a fact, they’ll be many more to come from Kenny Supreme.