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Kerrigan Barry Releases “We Don’t Talk Anymore”

Raw, real and apologetically reckless are some adjectives to describe this fiery dynamic rising star, Kerrigan Barry who was born with a fire in her heart, stoked by rock n roll in her bones. The Cleveland, Ohio native found catharsis and truth in writing lyrics and melodies after watching Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Live In New York City on DVD as a 5-year old kid. Quite possibly the only 4th grader in her generation to have The Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You on their iPod shuffle. Kerrigan began her lifelong love affair with music, and it has since then proved to be the most beautifully intoxicating relationship she ever imagined experiencing.

Sanctified by rock, punk, folk, hip-hop and R&B, Kerrigan fused her diverse respect for the written word and passion for seamless pop production to create a sound that she lives and breathes for everyday. More than anything else in this life, Kerrigan Barry yearns to make music that saves the struggling from sorrow and ignites freedom in restless souls and she proves that with her single “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” immediately begins with a passionate introduction with a production of high end pop sounds setting the tone for the song. The instance you hear Kerrigan’s voice you’re captivated by her feisty swagger she has, projected by her stylistic voice. Her vocal resonance is equipped with much range however she keeps her register in a sassy head voice delivered with much power. Kerrigan presents us her subtle and vulnerable emotion in the hook where she propels the overall message of the song of heartbreak and losing a bond between you and another person deemed meaningful to your life. It’s a song most of us can relate too and we can add to all our playlists. I label “We Don’t Talk Anymore” as one of those singles where they vent for us. Sometimes we need songs like this single, to speak for our emotions and connect with us while also creating a tune where we can enjoy seamlessly.

Listen to Kerrigan Barry's new song "We Don't Talk Anymore" and be sure to connect with Kerrigan on social media!

Hi Kerrigan, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey guys, I'm Kerrigan—like Nancy Kerrigan, without the crowbar. My friends call me KB, never Kerry... everyone always ask me about that. I'm a songwriter turned artist, based in Nashville, TN, but I was born and raised in the birthplace of rock n' roll, Cleveland, OH. I studied songwriting and music business in college, and I wear my music like a second skin.

How was the music scene in the area of Ohio growing up?

Well, I'm a closet history nerd, so I can tell you that Alan Freed coined the term "rock n' roll" in 1951. The Rock Hall is sacred ground. One of my greatest influences of all time is Bruce Springsteen, and Cleveland was a city that supported him before he was "The Boss". The weather might be shitty, but there's a spirit alive in that city; it's a home for the underdogs who defy all expectations. Cleveland is a city of champions, rockstars and heroes who fought like hell to earn their stripes, and I think that's pretty powerful.

Do you think your environment affected your music style?

I actually grew up outside of Cleveland in a super small suburb called Bay Village, and the lack of 'music scene' with in my hometown probably shaped me more than anything else because it weirdly made the dream seem more attainable; it's such a small town, and I kind of became known for music pretty early on, so when I moved to Nashville after high school, I felt like I had a perception I had to live up to... It was like I owed something to the people that saw my future career in music before I knew how to conceptualize it, beyond saying "I'm gonna be a fuckin' rock star".

How meaningful was “We Don’t Talk Anymore” for you?

"We Don't Talk Anymore" is the beginning of a journey that I've been planning since I first picked up a guitar and wrote my first song. As cliche as that sounds, it's the truth; this was the first song I released on my own. I've had cuts by other artists before, but this was my way of announcing I'm a writer AND an artist.

Did you face any challenges in creation of this single?

Absolutely, I fought with myself throughout the entire release process. I shit you not, 72 hours before the single dropped, I texted my management and a few of my close friends telling them I wasn't going to put it out anymore, I was scared shitless! For a long time, I was really insecure about my singing voice, probably because I've been surrounded by some of the most phenomenal vocalists in the country for the past 5 years, but I've started to learn to love it. Thankfully, I got over myself and dropped "WDTA".

How would you interpret “We Don’t Talk Anymore” for your listeners?

Obviously, it's a break-up song, but it was a new kind of writing for me because it wasn't about one specific person or situation. In the verses, I throw out a few examples of some bullshit arguments I've had with former flames, but it goes a little deeper than that because if you read between the lines, I'm not necessarily criticizing the guy in question—I'm actually taking shots at myself and my own shortcomings. From start to finish, I'm assuming that he (whoever he is in whatever given scenario) dislikes the same things about me that I dislike in myself, and eventually, that becomes our reality because I don't give him any other option. After a certain level of heartache, we stop giving people the benefit of the doubt and start looking for reasons to run. Looking back on all these relationships with all of their unique, convoluted layers, I realized that they all have the same end game. Each relationship that inspired this single took a lot out of me, and it became easier to just say "we don't talk anymore" when anyone asked why it ended. It's complex because every story is different, but it's simple because it's a kind of pain everyone can understand.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2019?

In 2019, I'm planning on finishing my EP. It's officially been titled 'RECKLESS', and I can't wait to share it with you all.


Connect with Kerrigan Barry on social media:


Facebook: @kerriganbarrymusic


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