Kerringtin Serenades Listeners With His Timeless Hit, “Don’t You Stay Lonely"

Bringing back real R&B, Kerringtin from Atlanta Georgia takes his style from the legendary greats like Prince, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. This is highly noticeable in the release of his latest single titled “Don’t You Stay Lonely”. “Don’t You Stay Lonely” instantly had a classic production that took us back decades into a time when R&B was sensational. Kerringtin’s vocals gave off an ageless vibe. It’s the kind of voice that you can distinguish from others because it has a smooth-sailing but operatic sound that helped him emote with conviction in “Don’t You Stay Lonely”. This love ballad was not only blissful but it was also mesmerizing. It hypnotizes you with its breathtaking melodies and vintage arrangements in the instrumental. This polished single showcased great songwriting from Kerringtin due to how memorable the lyrics were. “Don’t You Stay Lonely” is harmonically rich. Especially in the chorus, where you can hear a layered of notes fusing to curate a poignant frequency of harmonies.

Kerringtins' style is one of a kind and refreshing. R&B today has slowly sunk into the sub-genre of hip-hop but Kerringtin is showing us that there are still really passionate artists out there who can deliver us the ballads we need. You can listen to the authentically rich single, “Don’t You Stay Lonely” by Kerringtin here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kerringtin! How was it growing up in Atlanta, Georgia? Were you ever influenced by your upbringing musically?

Growing up in Atlanta, it’s nearly impossible to avoid art. Georgia itself is a major hub for television, movies, concerts, art shows, and music especially. I couldn’t help but get inspired by the constant hip-hop and soul music surrounding me. My parents played a key role in shaping me musically. My dad especially introduced me to jazz/soul music and the immaculately decorated artists who broke down barriers in the industry. While my older brother kept up with the newest song on the block, I found myself enjoying The Gap Band, The Isley Brothers, Betty Wright, and Earth, Wind, & Fire. As I grew up and grew into my “taste”, nothing and nobody influenced me more musically/personally than Michael Jackson; he saved my life at a low point and is part of the reason I joined my schools' bands and music programs.

Talk to us about your riveting release of “Don’t You Stay Lonely”. What’s the theme behind this single?

The theme behind this song is the alleviation of loneliness and the longing for love. I wanted my very first released song to represent and embody what I am for (and what I gravitate towards) musically, which is the purity of love and the soul.

The lyrics were lovely and seemed to be highly romantic! What inspired you to write “Don’t You Stay Lonely”?

Thank you! This song was written at 2 in the morning (when all my songs are mainly written) on July 30th, after not being able to sleep and trying to get over a recent heartbreak. Really, the lyrics were me asking myself “what would I want someone to say to me?” because I felt lonely at the time. I would want them to say “don’t you stay lonely and don’t you give up on love.” Strangely enough, I’d rather be the one to say those words, so I did.

What was the most challenging aspect for you when creating “Don’t You Stay Lonely” and how did you overcome the boundary?

Honestly, the hardest thing about this song is that it took me the longest to ever complete because of my immaturity as a producer/vocalist. There were about 50 + vocal takes that I scrapped. I ended up starting the song in late 2017 and finishing it in late 2018/early 2019. Up until now, I let it marinate and fell in love with it again.

What’s next for you Kerringtin?

“Don’t You Stay Lonely” is the lead single from the album Planet Pluto, which if all goes well, will be released January 24th, 2020. It’s my very first album and the first project I’ve ever released, even to my family and close friends. I’ve been so afraid to release my art, but I’ve reached a point where I’m proud enough of this to let it go. I have material stacked up and have at least 3 more albums planned after this one. I’m very excited for this journey and thank you BuzzMusic for being a part of it!