Kerry Feeney Fuses R&B and Pop with New Song “Thinking About You”

Today we are kicking off our day with the infectious second-ever song from British R&B and Pop artist Kerry Feeney and her new song “Thinking About You”.


Kerry Feeney only made her debut earlier this year and the Liverpool, UK artist shows that there is something in the water where she’s from. Maybe it’s being so close to the ocean, but Liverpool has produced The Beatles and several other amazing greats in music. The fact that “Thinking About You” is only the second song from Kerry Feeney is a wild fact of life. The song opens with beautiful synth pads then flys into the song kicking in with percussion, bass and the stunning vocal performance provided by Kerry Feeney. “How’d you know I’d be here, I only told the moon” is the hook in the song and it’s repeated a few times, allowing you to easily sing along! After the first chorus, we are treated with the well time and placed Hip Hop cameo provided by Ryan Bronson.

The cameo adds a certain spice to the song that is a key ingredient. The song “Thinking About You” is the perfect length at 3 minutes and leaves the listeners hanging on for more. Expect a lot from the amazingly talented Kerry Feeney as she builds her sonic story with more and more music. We are excited to see where her music career takes her and we will be cheering her on!

Listen to "Thinking About You" here.


Thanks for talking with us today at Buzz Music! “Thinking About You” is your second ever song to be released! A lot of people could agree that your songwriting is fairly advanced, considering. What inspired you to follow this sound? Thank you for having me! I've been writing for many years and I've tried out lots of different sounds, for a while I was a jazz singer and writer, but when it comes to the production side of things I enjoy making chill, RnB style music and the placement of my voice probably suits pop the best. I must write half a dozen songs a month and most of them are never heard, but from doing this I'm finding my sound definitely. I feel like Thinking About You follows on from Baby Girl Know It nicely and the next songs to be released in 2020 also follow this sound I've found.

The song features the cameo of Ryan Bronson. Who is he to you and how did the feature come about? Ryan is an incredible artist from New York, I'm a fan of his music and I love how he connects with his fans. He's a very sweet and hardworking guy and I'm so happy to have worked with him. We connected on social media first and found that we go about making music in the same way so it was easy to bring the song to life and I was super proud when putting the track out for the world.

What is the most inspiring part of being from Liverpool, UK? I'm from Warrington originally which isn't too far away, I grew up in Warrington and that small town really shaped who I am today. A year ago I moved to Liverpool as there are more opportunities for music and I love Liverpool as a city! Liverpool really supports independent artists and there's such love for music so it's a beautiful environment to be in. Also, I've already met so many incredible people!

Lastly, what are some goals you hope to accomplish in 2020 as you release more music? I've just begun performing my own music live and it's safe to say it's my new happy place! I really want to keep on with the gigging in 2020 along with releasing new music. I have songs ready to share so I'm super excited to announce some of my new work. I really feel like 2020 is gonna be a big year for career growth!