Keston Blends Genres Flawlessly In “Nothing With You”

Keston is a talented singer/songwriter who feels like he thrives the most, creatively, when he’s in love. A self-proclaimed Lovesick artist, Keston wanted to focus on his music and less on his love life, but soon realized that his love life had been fuelling his music, regardless of its rocky nature. Love found Keston again, whether he was ready for it or not.  He has been making lovesick music ever since. Pulling inspiration from more recent artists like Frank Ocean, Eric Bellinger, and Pink Sweat$, Keston s a true performer, packing energy and emotion into his performances that will let you experience the best parts of yourself.  

“Nothing With You” is a flawless blend of R&B, pop, hip-hop with Caribbean and tropical vibes. Fueled by the love in his life, Keston weaves through storytelling elements of the details of his love. All he wants to do is do nothing with the person he loves. “Can we get up to nothing? Nothing’s just what I need with you” is the perfect lyric to describe this simple message. We love to seductive and light-hearted message “Nothing With You” exudes. The melody is undeniably catchy and will have you dancing and singing along instantly. Keston has an extremely addicting voice and we can’t get enough! We love his relatable tracks and effortless delivery. Stay on the lookout for Keston and his future Lovesick musical endeavors. 

Listen to “Nothing With You” here and keep scrolling for more with Keston!

Hi Keston! Can you tell us a bit about your upbringing and how you got started making music?

My mom was a hippy, and always had a song to sing but my father was my biggest influence when it came to music. He was the percussionist in a Trinidadian soca band called "Charlies Roots". Performing on stages with and recording drums for acts like the Jackson Five, and Stevie Wonder. After he lost his arm in a motorcycle accident, he came to Canada and focused on starting a family. That ment making sure I wasn't afraid to hold my own on the dance floor, and that I was called out on every wrong note I sang along the way. With music always playing in the house, I was raised on legendary main stream sounds from artist like Micheal Jackson, Quincey Jones, Boys II Men, Bobby Brown, Frank Sinatra, and many more. But it was my older sister who introduced me to the Punk and Rock world. I was hooked on what "Incubus" and "Limp Biscuit" where doing musically, and started to dive deeper into my own creativity. I will never forget the day I wrote my first rap song! It was right after listening to the whole Obie Trice "Cheers" album. He had so much energy and passion in his delivery and when I spit those lines word for word, I felt like I wrote them. Thats when I became a songwriter. The moment I knew that I wanted to do that same thing for some kid in his parents basement some day.

Who are your top three musical influences and why?

Micheal Jackson, Chris Brown, and Frank Ocean.  These artist all have created vibes within their music that have been attached to many instrumental and memorable periods of my life.  But more specifically Micheal Jackson for his precision and execution during his performances has always blown my mind. Chris Brown for his consistent, creative and progressive nature that has given his artistry no boundaries (and his vocal control).  Frank Ocean for his ability to paint the realist pictures with only a few of his words. 

Tell us about your song “Nothing With You”! What inspired this song?

This song was written after what seemed like a long week of bickering back and forth with my girl. We were both in a place where we felt like we didn't have enough time in the day for all that we wanted to do and each other, and shit was building up!

She literally was trying to shout something at me, out of frustration for me ignoring her, when I belted out, "CAN WE GET LOST IN THIS VERY MOMENT, WE'RE LOSING TIME!!" Was being super sarcastic of course... I felt lost in that moment... and thought I was loosing time.

The song actually changed my attitude because it was my life in the lyrics, and they came to me so easily because I was living them. I was too stoked about the song to be upset. By the second verse, the song served me up a warm glass of "act right" by reminding me that we both had been going for a week straight with less than 5hrs sleep each night. At that point, I had to listen to what the song was telling me and do nothing with my girl for a bit, to refocus.

What would be your dream venue to perform?

A SOLD OUT SHOW AT THE SADDLEDOME HERE IN CALGARY!! WALL TO WALL!! It would be for all of my close friends, family, and my city who has been with me from the beginning.  That would be my dream show HANDS DOWN!!  To be able to show the people I love that I never gave up, and kept my word to them and to myself, would be the greatest feeling in the world.    

How does the music you make now compare to when you first started making music?


But honestly it doesn't compare at all, because when I started my Dad was so strict, that I didn't have much of a life outside of basketball. That ment I was getting pretty damn good at sounding like everything else I was into at the time. Now I got my ass print etched into the seat of my sound and its getting really fun working with it, because I know that its really me now.

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