Keston Draws Inspiration from Life of Love and Perspectives on New Hit “All Night”

Refusing to dwell on past failed romances, Keston has instead taken a detailed rundown of previous loves and built his music around them. From the ashes of relationships past, Keston’s smooth, free-flowing sound hath risen. On his latest release, “All Night” features a clap-along beat and ambient, island infused R&B tones with Kestons lovesick voice serenading the track perfectly. The storytelling begins within the first few seconds of “All Night” when we overhear Keston taking a call from what we can derive a past lover, and even though its over, in theory, these two souls cannot stay away from each other.

Finding inspiration in artists like Frank Ocean, Eric Bellinger, and Pink Sweat$, Keston creates music that helps him learn about himself and find meaning in failed relationships past that propel himself forward. We are in love with the repeating hook on the chorus, “All night, all night long,” tumbling over one another, enveloping the listener in this smoke show love song “Until the morning comes, our body works never done.” We certainly do not want to see this lovesick Romeo hurt again, but we are digging how Keston turns heartbreak into musical success.

You can find “All Night” here.

Hello Keston, welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your new release “All Night.” Can you tell us what compelled you to make this song?

This song was made from a breakup.  I had been with this girl for years before she said that she wanted to travel to Europe single!  I had been away at school for a year and we hadn't seen each other for a while, so looking back I can't hate it.  But when she came back home she was trynna get back together with me.  I may have spoken to her longer than I needed to (ALL NIGHT LONG), but at the time I felt like it was the right thing to do because of our history of spending "all night" together.  All I went to see her for was to tell her that we were officially done, I guess our past made me not want to "rip the bandaged off".

How long have you known you wanted to be an artist and when did you decide to really peruse the career as an artist?

I have always wanted to be an artist.  My challenge was always loving too many things in life, but the music was always the one thing that I kept going with because it gave me so much satisfaction and happiness.  I had been making music for a while but in 2017, I decided to really pursue my career because it was mine!  Everything else I was doing at the time was influenced by someone else's rules, schedule, and ideas.  Plus my dad lost his arm at the age of 28, which ended his music career as a percussionist in the band called Charlie's Roots.  So it's my time to hold the music torch.  My dad is super stoked about it.

You mentioned your love life plays a major roll in your songwriting. What other methods of inspiration do you draw upon that helps you create your music?

That really is the main one, but I like meeting the song where I am at.  Meaning, I follow my feelings when I am creating.  Most times the words aren't there at all in the beginning, its just the melodies and the feeling that I'm trying to ride.  If I can ride it long enough then some great words start to come down. If I find that I'm thinking too much then I turn on some great music, to let my mind wander.

The chorus on “All Night” is certainly an intimate and forthcoming message. Have you always been able to invest such vulnerability into your music?

NO DEFINITELY NOT!! I had a strict ass dad, who wouldn't let me keep any rap CD's in the house because of the lyrics, never mind me having any bad lyrics in my songs lol!  I started writing raps because I thought it was so dope to add percussion to a beat with words.  My dad was also ALWAYS singing, so like him, I had to try something different.  His dad, my grandpa composed classical music, so he chose to sing.  Em, Obie Trice, DMX, Biggie were showing me the ways,  but I had to hide my lyrics from my dad.  Now my dad really respects what I'm doing with my music.  He has seen my music grow over the years and recognizes the love I have for it as he did.  It feels really good.  

Thank you for joining us, Keston! What can fans anticipate next from you?

Lots more lovesick music this year! I'm letting all you into my Lovesick diaries.  Expect some real truth and emotion with the next few projects, as they speak for a time in my life where I have experienced the most growth.  My relationships.  

Thanks a lot for doing what you do Buzz Music, and allowing me to be apart of it.  Bless Up