Kev Howell Brings Us Together With His Single, "Arrows"

Hailing from Glasgow, the Singer/Songwriter, musician, and composer Kev Howell releases his expressive bluesy single "Arrows."

With various features through many different and reputable blogs/websites, Kev Howell's music has seen many audiences from Europe to North America.

With his single "Arrows," Kev Howell expresses such pensive lyricism that pushes conceptual boundaries and reminds us that we're not alone. Written at a delicate time in Kev Howell's life, he infused this track with heavy rock/blues instrumentation that pierces the soul. Not to mention his poetic and psychedelic lyricism, Kev Howell expresses such deep emotions through this single. 

"Arrows" opens with grungey electric guitar melodies and an uplifting kick drum. While Kev Howell begins vocalizing his intricate lyricism, he sings a poetic tale of patiently taking life day by day.

The track incorporates these dense instrumentation patterns that resemble nostalgic country-rock anthems, yet with a unique twist. Kev Howell's vocals deliver this dynamic characteristic, as he shifts from soulful exclamations into his haunting falsetto. He sings contemplative lyrics of being lost in the dark corners of your mind and not knowing which step to take next.

Reminding us that we're in this together, Kev Howell's single "Arrows" creates this substantial unifying space that merely anyone can get down with. 

We're loving the message on your latest single "Arrows." What did you want your listeners to take away from this track? 

I want people to enjoy listening to the song first and foremost, But, I guess it's also trying to reiterate as you say, a message using the music... "you are not alone". Communicate, don't be embarrassed or discouraged to talk to someone or ask for help. People struggle every day with anxiety and other personal issues, including myself and I, 'm not ashamed to admit it. The pandemic and lockdown certainly have not helped us ...unfortunately we all have to find ways to deal with it.

You created such an empowering atmosphere through your heavy lyricism and bluesy instrumentals on "Arrows." What was your main inspiration behind the creation of this song? 

I had been listening to a lot of Gary Clarke Jr and The Black Keys's latest albums. They inspired me to get back on the electric after a period of writing lots of acoustic stuff. I came up with the main riff for the verses while messing about one morning. The first two lines.' I'm just this shape, I'm bones I'm flesh...moving through time and space" came pretty quickly, and the rest followed. Within a few days, most of it was there and just needed tidying up, so by the time it came to the recording session It was ready to go. During the recording, I revisited the Stone Roses 'Second Coming', one of my favorite albums. I think that had a big influence on the final recording and mixing of the track, especially the instrumental section. We also had a massive outro for the song but decided it would never work for a single....might end up on the album version? We will see what happens.

Would you say that you regularly release music that's more blues-infused, or do you experiment with what feels right at the moment? 

The new stuff is definitely more blues-infused than 'Haunting Ambition'. That album was a lot more chilled, psychedelic affair... At the time 'Nightbird' was the closest I had come to developing what I'm trying to achieve on the next album. I think experimentation and approach are important, ask anyone who knows me, I don't stick to the comfort zone with music! After demos are finished at home, I'll make different versions before going to a studio to record something. Being an independent artist it's expensive doing it off your own back with no help, so you want to get things 100% and know exactly what you're going to do. Otherwise, it can be even more costly!

We've noticed that "Arrows" was your first single to follow your 2017 album, "Haunting Ambition." Why did you choose "Arrows" to lead the way after your album? 

Arrows were always going to be a single anyway in my mind, but I chose it first because It's a departure from anything on the first album although it's heavy it maintains energy and is a strong piece of music. Lyrically people can relate to it even more given the current situation. It will always remind me of this lockdown though! Making music has and always will keep me inspired, I've written new songs on the keys, one of which will now make the album. Other than that... getting out as often as possible and going for walks has helped mentally and physically. I would be lying though if I did not mention the excessive amounts of alcohol and video chats!