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Kevin Adams & Voices Of Praise Show Off Ground Breaking Vocals In New Song “You Are Awesome”

Kevin Adams founded Voices of Praise in 2002 at a secondary school near Toronto, Canada. It is a praise and worship ministry that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism, not limited to denominations, nations or race. Oct 7th 2017 they released their first full album called "One Church United: Phase 1". The team was nominated for choir/group of the year at the Glass Awards held in Toronto, Canada in November of 2017, and was a winner for an Eddy Award for the Best Church Community Choir, which was hosted in Jacksonville, Florida. Voices of Praise also host an event every year called “One Church: A United Worship Experience” to raise funds for families in the community dealing with the effects of mental health issues.

With so much notable success, the eclectic group Voices of Praise released their single “You Are Awesome”. It’s an uplifting and light hearted piece about everything that is good. Celebrating life, love, and holy worship. The vocalists are timeless and transporting. I love the parts in “You Are Awesome” where members have solos. I got goosebumps hearing the range and power in their harmonically-rich voices. “You have saved me, now I see clearly”  is my favorite lyric because of the deep and powerful message that this sends. Leaders of Voices of Praise, Kevin and Crystal Adams are passionate about creating music about giving God all the glory. It’s evident in “You Are Awesome” as the repeated message is about giving God their best praise. Voices of Praise continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through they’re incredible sound. Turn this single on, enjoy the music and let go.

Stream "You Are Awesome" here, and continue reading for Kevin Adams interview with BuzzMusic!


Thanks for chatting with us! Can you list all of the members of Voices of Praise for our readers?

- Kevin Adams

- My wife Crystal Adams

- Rae-Ann Whyte 

- Reaia Whyte

- Ashley Edwards

- MeLisa Robinson

- Beneisha Dyer

- Chantel Inniss

- Christopher Malcolm

- Crystal Johnson

- Deswaine Nanton

- Alecia Blair (manager) 

What made you decide to start recording your music and spreading your message of worship on a larger scale?

 When I was in my mid teens my worship leader at the time spoke over me saying “Kevin you’ll have your own choir one day” that came out of me being a little rebellious and not wanting to participate in rehearsal at the time (teenagers) I’ve been leading worship for close to 20 years and I’ve always been song writing and had a passion to spread the gospel on a larger scale. I had dreams of singing/ministering in front of thousands as well my wife. So we decided to just start ministering at other churches with a couple of friends and it began to grow. Till eventually we recorded our first live recording in 2016 called “One Church United: Phase 1”. Our producer at the time, Samuel Williams, caught the vision and produced a master piece. Since releasing the project in 2017 God just began to really open doors enabling the ministry to minister across the globe. I’m seeing my passion begin and it’s incredible. It’s amazing watching what God does and I just remain in awe.

Who are your musical influences that have helped shape your career in the music industry?

For main stream Kirk Franklin, Kurt Carr and Israel Houghton. My Vocal trainer Pastor Andrew James and my Producer Samuel Williams of SamSound Pro. 

When you're not writing music, what do you do?

 I’m a husband and a father of 4. The thing is my wife is the Vocal director of the ministry. She has  incredible music brain. As well our children are at every single rehearsal. My children are young so they just soak up music and worship and are really inspired by it. I serve under the leadership of Rev Marcus Martinez at Destiny & Dominion Word Ministries in Toronto Canada as a worship leader and I currently work for Christian Horizons with individuals of special needs as a direct support professional. 

Can we expect another album in the near future?

Oh yes! We have just released our new single called “You Are Awesome” which is available on all music platforms. We will begin to work on “Phase 2” in the upcoming future.

What's next for you through 2019?

2019 has been an incredible year. We have a couple ministering 

opportunities within our city coming and we’re planning a huge community project for the summer. In the fall we will begin our process for “Phase 2”.


Make sure to connect with Kevin Adams, as well as Voices of Praise, through their socials:


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