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Kevv gives us the “Greenlight” In This Dope New Track!

Kevin Muhera, artistically known as Kevv is an 18 year old artist hailing from the UK. He is a fresh, up and coming artist looking to bring something unique and different to the music world. Ideally, Kevv’s goal is to merge the likes of UK and American Hip Hop something that will give him the ultimate edge. This young new artist is using his music to make his audience feel something that they can connect to not only musically but emotionally as well. Tuning into Kevv’s debut single “Greenlight”.

I always try to show love to the details of an artist and one that I notice off the back with Kevv is his cover art. Cover art can tell a lot about an artist and sometimes what you can expect from them. His cover art is very moody giving you a preview to this really dope track. The entire composition is really smooth. I get a bit of hiphop Coldplay with this track. I love how it cross a few different genres. Production wise, I enjoy the emotionally driven instrumentals! They tie well into the the lyrics and lyricism of each artist. This young artist is really doing something special with his music and I am looking forward to hearing more!

Listen to "Greenlight" here and get to know more about Kevv below!

Hey! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey I'm Kevv, I'm an 18 year old upcoming artist from the UK. I currently go to Bournemouth University studying media production but I enjoy making music on the side and I'm serious about it.  The music I make is to spark emotion when someone is listening. I always set out to do a song that after someone has listened they feel a certain way which could be any mood or vibe. They should listen to my songs for an experience whether the song is deep or a feel good vibe. I have always been writing songs for as long as I remember but I started recording music in November 2018 and it took me until March 2019 to put out my first song.

What sparked your interest in music?

I've always listened to music to escape from whatever would be happening in situations. I have specific songs I listen to that fit my moods and it's my way of escapism. As a kid all I wanted to do was music but I'd keep it a secret because I didn't know if I was good enough. I'd always write little raps on pieces of paper then lose them so then write another. At one point my English book had more of my lyrics than my actual English work. I only gained the confidence to start it seriously last year when I moved to another city and was surrounded by people with the same passion as me and they had fearless personalities. The genre's I listen to the most are Rnb & Hip hop.

Who are some of your most favorite influential musicians?

My top three favourite influential musicians are Chris Brown, Tupac and DMX. When I listen to a Tupac and DMX song I can feel their raw passion and emotion. Their music also has substance and they talk about specific situations unlike people in today's industry that would say anything and have 60 different topics in once that have no meaning. I believe Chris Brown is the greatest artist of our generation and one of the most talented of all time. He can dance, sing, rap, act, play basketball on a professional level and paint artistically. As you can tell Chris Brown is my favourite musician. One of the biggest things he has showed me is to rise above the hate and keep going.

Could you give us a backstory on the song “Greenlight”?

Greenlight was a mix of all the different situations I've been in. I've been in situations with girls where it has been unhealthy and others where I've felt I been holding them back from doing what they wanted to do so by me leaving I've given them the greenlight. At the time when I recorded the song I had just left my home town to go to a new city for university so I used that situation to add that slight personal aspect to the song.

What is next in the world of Kevv?

As of now I've only released two songs so I plan on releasing more music throughout 2019 then hopefully have a project ready near the end of the year. I hope to get to the point where I can create great visuals but we'll see what happens when I get to that stage.


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