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Key Notez Released His Infectious Hit “My Rider”

Key Notez is not only a performer, but also a well-rounded artist form Allentown, Pennsylvania who has a particular focus on pop, hip-hop, and R&B. with extensive performances throughout his neighborhood and the surrounding area. Notez has opened for many major artists with his cousin Y. Greez which included Lloyd Banks, Mac Miller, and Pretty Ricky.

Key Notez released his latest single titled “My Rider” and it’s the perfect song to dedicate to a special someone we have in mind. When I started playing “My Rider” my brother who overheard it, stated “I like that who sings that?” and instantly became drawn into the music, the same way we do. It just has this infectious vibe you can’t help but to love. Key Notez has this classic R&B tone to his vocal articulation and it reminds me a lot like the popular songs we’ve listened to back when R&B & pop was timeless. That’s the exact feeling we’ve received from “My Rider”, is an ageless, and overly intriguing bop. “My rider” seeds into our brains to where after listening to the song, you start to naturally sing it. This was a clear indicator to me that he knew how to deliver not only a song, but a hit! “My Rider” could receive large radio airplay because it has an high mainstream appeal. We’re almost certain that this song will translate well across our readers, and Key Notez is well on his way to the top!

Listen to "My Rider" here and get to know more about the artist below!

Hey Key Notez! Great to chat with you! How has your upbringing impact your music?

Nice to chat with you too.  I grew up listening to Michael Jackson , Prince , Jay-z , The Fugees and every genre you can think of. I don't like to be put in a box but , my style mainly consist of Pop/Rnb/Rap. 

What’s the meaning behind “My Rider” ?

The meaning behind "My Rider" was to focus on how a man almost pushed his girlfriend to death because of his stupidity. Most artist don't speak facts on how wrong men are in relationships because we're suppose to be superior and dominant. 

What inspired you to write “My Rider” ?

I actually , just went into the studio and freestyled the hook. After I was feeling the hook so much I went back the next day and freestyled the verses but , I did a couple takes to get it rite !

Do you have any key influences on your style? If so who or what!?

I wouldn't say I have any key influences but , their are a few artist who sound similar it's just our message is way different . 

What’s next for you through 2019 Key Notez?

I ended 2018 by being a part of a few TV shows to name a few  Power , Gypsy and 7 seconds. Also I was in the movie "Glass" starring Bruce Willis , Samuel Jackson and James Mcavoy  . 2019 I want to book more movies and TV shows. I also want to chart over a million views for my newest single " My Rider " on all streaming platforms.


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