Kfir Lights Up in High-Energy Single "Gigolo"

Singer/songwriter Kfir is back, and this time he's pushing a contrasting setting onto his listeners with new music.

Kfir's music shows off his vibrant and energetic side. Often times, Kfir creates music that is full of spirits and positive energy. His latest track release, "Gigolo", doesn't fall short when it comes to imparting jubilation onto listeners, and most importantly, Kfir follows a path that aids listeners in experiencing varying levels of emotionality. 

Kfir begins off "Gigolo" with a high-energy, lightly pulsating beat that feels instantly uplifting. Kfir manipulates his vocal sound in a way that can elevate the elegance of his sound. You'll have to give a listen in order to understand what we mean there, and specifically the kind of elevation that occurs within "Gigolo" as a result of his vocal style. Kfir further makes use of echoing styles in order to push an almost ethereal-type feel to his tracks. There's clearly a feel-good component to "Gigolo", especially once hitting the chorus of the track.

Along with that, there's such a strong versatility regarding the songs use. We see "Gigolo" being used in such a variety of settings, whether that be featured on a workout playlist, your local pop radio station, or even at the local club spot. Kfir's "Gigolo" generates potent energy, but nonetheless, versatile energy, and as a result, "Gigolo" shines bright in many different lights.

Hey, Kfir! Congratulations on your release of "Gigolo". Can you describe the vision that went into the construction of the song, and the mindset you had while choosing the style of its production?

Thank you so much. BuzzMusic has been really good and supportive of my music and I am so excited to connect again. Last summer I started working on loose writing sessions with my co-writer/producer which meant that my approach to creating tracks had to change. Basically every time I had an inspiration we got together and started jamming. After my last EP 'Free Delivery' I wanted to be more trusting in my gut, initial feelings, and thoughts and not question them as obsessively as I did on previous occasions. I wanted to commit to whatever idea or creative moment that came to me and just let it happen. So during this furtive creative period, I had written six solid tracks. Gigolo was created out of a lyric idea and melody that I came up with. Originally the idea of the word Gigolo in the chorus was only oh oh oh to start with. We continued writing melodies that went with my initial idea and just basically mumbled all kinds of words on top of the melody. After I was moved by the melody, I started trying to match real lyrics to the sounds we made and realized the lyrical content to the track. Then one day instead of the oh oh I started saying “I’m not your gigolo” since it fitted perfectly with the idea of an individual not wanting to be exploited or taken for granted by their love interest. In my meetings with my second producer Benbeatz, I made it clear that we had to stay true to the initial writing and keep growing flesh on that skeleton. I did have it clear in mind that I wanted to have a four on the floor base to the entire song, and that I wanted the track to stay on the upbeat side yet emotional.

Were there any elements within the creation of the song that you felt engaged in different parts of your intuition as an artist? Do you often feel that each track you create challenges you in a slightly varying way?

Yes of course, for example. I am a stage performer as well so part of my artistic intuition is how will I perform this. I love being on stage and I do it eight times a week on Broadway in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. Though, I still haven't gotten to perform my music in a big way like I am always envisioning as a tour and stage show. In Gigolo I wanted the chorus to be a specific something that an audience can sing together as one almost like a soccer game chant to bring them together, and the ending of the lyric Gigolo was the perfect sound bite to be repeated as a hook in order to help me achieve that goal. So I was thinking in terms of how to make the crowd part of the music during a live show even before I got there. Each song does have their own personality and with that comes challenges of course, just like with kids. They are my children for now. But at the end of the day, I believe that you have to let the song lead you to where it wants to go. And that also can be part of trusting the universe and respecting your artistic vomit. The song did come from somewhere so when challenges arise you have to learn how to swing and band with them just like with children.

Was there a specific kind of message or ambiance you were hoping to instill within your listeners once releasing "Gigolo"? Do you find you often have a certain mindset of how your listeners will respond to your tracks?

Yes, I did want the sound to be a mix of emotional dance tracks. At first, I wanted to have the listener grooving and then getting into the lyrical content. You have to move them before they pay attention. I just love a song that has few personalities in them. A song like that can make you dance and at the same time make you feel like you want to cry. I feel like Gigolo does that to me. I love the rhythms in it, it’s what pushes the story forward but yet when you hear the soaring guitars in the end and my high notes singing “there's nothing like this” on top of them, that makes me feel helpless and trapped in that codependent cycle I am singing about. And at the same time, it also fills me with hope. That contradiction, I hope it passes to the listener's ear but music is subjective and I learned that every time I think “this song is the s*** it's a winner”, I get puzzled. Since music can be a private thing, I don't know what kind of personal experience a person is going through when they listen to my music. If they click with it for any reason I am thrilled and even blessed if they make it their own. It's theirs to decide where and if the song fits at that specific moment.

What are some next steps that you're hoping to take as an artist?! Can listeners expect more music to be released in the near future?

Music and more music and hopefully finally to play live shows and get together with people in one room playing music and dancing. I am planning on releasing a single every few months. As of now, I have five more records coming. I am actually planning my new release as I am writing this, we just wrapped the master two weeks ago, so I have a photoshoot for the artwork next week and also a new writing session for a new possible track. I am just going with the flow and hope to receive more inspiration and opportunities from the universe. In these uncertain times, we have to focus on the possibilities and positive outcomes, hope for better days, and above all VOTE!