KhanPhAro & the New Creatures Drop High Energy Track “AOAS”

KhanPhAro & the New Creatures blend post-hardcore aesthetics with hip-hop/RnB sensibilities to bring a fresh sound to modern music. KhanPhAro and OzyMandaiz began KhanPhAro & the New Creatures in 2016. The Seattle, Washington based experimental hip-hop duo caught the attention of local promoters, landing radio spins on indie stations including KEXP, and opening for such notable acts as Macklemore. Now based in Corona, California, the duo has released their retrospective album "Holographic: First Edition" and we’re loving it. 

We checked out their track “AOAS” and we can’t get enough. High energy from beginning to end, “AOAS” hits the mic hard. They bring the party energy to any event and has us bumping this incredible track on repeat! All about having a good time, KP&TNC knows how to create good vibes and relatable lyrics. “AOAS” is the perfect song for a late night at the club, or for diving into and dissecting the lyrics. “AOAS” boasts insanely dope and catchy lyrics. Dance to the hard-hitting beat, or just turn up to this summer banger! I highly recommend you add it to your summer 2019 playlist! Stay on the lookout for KhanPhAro & the New Creatures and their future musical endeavors.

Listen to “AOAS” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

“AOAS” is a dope track! What inspired it?

Thank you much appreciated. I pretty much just wanted a turn up track. Something the kids can mosh to.

What’s the hip-hop music scene like in Corona?

I haven’t really met much artists out here, but one particular dope artist I did meet is Cadillac Freeze, this boy Gona blow up I suggest you look him up.

What would be your dream venue to perform?

Not necessarily a venue but more of a festival, would be Camp Flognaw

What’s next for you?

Right now we are currently filming a couple music videos and working on our next album set to drop in 2020


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