KIA Shows Off Her Musical Versatility In “Secrets”

KIA is a Dutch singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her brand of authenticity consists of expressive sounds and raspy vocals, which she is ready to share with the world. While music has always been a part of KIA’s life, she developed an affinity for jazz a few years ago and earned her Bachelor in Music degree with honors at the ArtEZ Conservatory Jazz & Pop in Arnhem, The Netherlands. After that she decided to move to LA where she is finishing up her Masters in Music in Commercial Music. KIA has worked on several projects since, and now leads her own band with which she has been crafting original music. Much like KIA’s own mixed heritage, her sound is a blend of various genres; a base of neo-soul with touches of jazz, funk, hip-hop, R&B and pop. Her lyrics are heartfelt and true, and wrapped in a soulful package. 

KIA’s single “Secrets” (produced by Jason Lindner) is the first to be released from her upcoming EP “Tomorrow’s Mind”. The heavy and deliberate bass is alluring and sets up the groovy jazz aesthetic. KIA’s deep and hypnotic vocals keep you entranced throughout the spectacular piece. “Secrets” is an emotionally-rich single that can transport your mind to another place. It paints a soundscape in your mind allowing you to hone in on what emotions her layered lyrics make you feel. Her melodies are entracing and the range of her voice is unbelievable! Throughout most of the track “Secrets”, KIA’s voice is so distinctive to her as an artist and really brings a refreshing sound to the music industry. On top of being a heavenly vocalist, KIA is a gifted songwriter. Her ability to connect with her fans and write lyrics that her audience can relate to are unmatched. We can’t wait for the full EP, “Tomorrow’s Mind”, set to be released late this fall! 

Listen to “Secrets” here and keep scrolling for more with KIA!

Hi KIA! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started making music? What age did you begin performing in front of others?

I guess music has always been around me ever since I was a kid. My parents are very musical. My father used to be a drummer and later on in life he picked up the tenor sax and still always plays the guitar till this day. My mom used to play accordion and later started the soprano sax. I joined an orchestra with my parents and brother when I was six, playing the French horn. I did classical guitar on the side so I’ve been performing ever since I was a young kid. I didn’t start singing until I was about 17 years old though. (If cassette-taping Lion King songs with my siblings at the age of four don’t count) I finished a Vocal Performance degree at a Performing Arts School in The Netherlands and right after that auditioned for the ArtEZ Jazz & Pop Conservatory in Arnhem, The Netherlands. I’ve been performing and writing a lot of music at that time. After four years I graduated my Bachelor of Music with honors and decided to move to Los Angeles. Right now I’m finishing up my Masters in Music for Vocal Performance specialized in Commercial Music. So roughly I would say I’ve been performing for the past 10 years as a vocalist.

We love “Secrets”, it was very moving. What inspired this track? Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the lyrics?

I like a good balance between songs that are direct and songs that have more of an atmospheric under layer. I absolutely love to play with metaphors as you can hear in this track. I get inspired fastest by my environment, so this song all started out with the ocean and the beach. I wanted to write something specifically about the subject ‘secrets’ that we all get confronted with in our lives at some point, in some form. It comes and goes and unfolds in the most unexpected ways, sometimes good and sometimes bad. At some moments you think the world is going to collapse while at other moments it can take a complete 180. Life just keeps moving forward.

Do you try to incorporate your life experiences into all the music you write? Why?

The beauty about writing is that it isn’t always all about what I’ve been trough. Yes, it is easier to connect to something if that’s the case and it serves sometimes as self therapy, but that is definitely not where writing stops. It could be about somebody else’s experiences it could be science fiction, the past, the future, you name it. Writing gives you total freedom to do whatever. As long as you feel your own connection to it and make it your truth, it’s sincere.

We can’t wait to hear more new music from you! When can we expect your EP “Tomorrow’s Mind”?

Right now I’m working really hard in finishing the album. My close friend Lars Hempel from Germany is producing the album and we’ve been going back and forth recording the tracks. If all goes well, it’ll be by the end of the fall. I already started writing new music for my second album too, so expect a lot of new material in these upcoming years.

How has moving to LA shaped you as an artist?

I moved to Los Angeles because of the freedom I felt when I did an exchange here in the last year of my undergrads. I was very focused and wrote a lot of music during that time. That’s when I decided to think bigger, leave everything and everyone I knew behind and move to this city with new opportunities. I always believe that with hard work you can get anywhere you want and therefore make dream boundaries thinner lines. This was nothing more than that, the next step in my music career.

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