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Kick Off The Party With Azanti’s New Hit, “Gettin’ Hot”

Toronto-based multifaceted musician, producer, and Afrobeat recording artist Azanti steams the scene with his sweltering new single and music video, "Gettin' Hot."

At the mere age of 18, Azanti has amassed a broad following with two critically acclaimed EPs under his belt while staking his claim as one of the best young artists in the Afrobeat scene. With a handful of collaborations and support from tastemakers, Azanti continues blazing his own trail without an end in sight.

This time around, the Toronto-hailing artist takes the party out to Accra, Ghana, for a party we'll never forget. The music video for "Gettin' Hot" pays homage to 90s cinematography while focussing on Azanti throwing the biggest summer house party once his parents leave town. The song itself brings those radiant and feel-good summer vibes that are sure to pump up any party.

Expanding on the single, "Gettin' Hot," the track kicks off with a growling and plucky bass-like synth that later shifts into smooth keys and groovy Afrobeat drums to spice up the sonic foreground. Listening to Azanti's mesmerizing vocals and broad range, he sets the scene with sultry, sensual, and sexy lyrics that leave the body moving and grooving.

The modern and bouncy production paired with the familiar Afrobeat drum arrangements brings an incredibly exciting listening experience, not to mention Azanti's engaging performance stylings that keep the toes tapping. He has no problem letting listeners forget their woes and get down to the groove of his irresistible sonics and attention-commanding vocals.

Need a new song for your summer party playlist? Look no further than Azanti's new bop, "Gettin' Hot," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Azanti. What an exciting and groovy listening experience you've delivered in your new single, "Gettin' Hot." What inspired you to create a song about parties and good summer vibes?

I was trying to make an experimental dance record. A song people could dance to as well as a song with musical depth and complexity. The song basically sounds like a good time. That’s what I love about it. Some drop-top summer vibes.

What was your experience flying out to Ghana for the "Gettin' Hot" music video? What was the recording process like?

It was stressful getting to Ghana, to be fair. But once we touched down, it was all good. I think I’d say I had quite a bit of fun. It was also a good vacation as well - for all of us.

What do you hope to make listeners feel when hearing "Gettin' Hot?" How do you hope they react to the song?

I’d want them to have a good time listening to the music, obviously, but I’d also hope they clock the musical depth and see how the song’s sonics transcends several different eras and genres.

On a more personal note, do you have any advice for other young artists and teenagers looking to get into a music career? What is your recipe for success?

I’m still sort of creating my own recipe, you know. I wouldn’t really be able to tell you a set of steps you should follow or anything like that. However, I’d say you should always stay true to your artistry and never forget the reason you’re doing it - because of the art. My next steps are basically me following that principle - trying to drop more elite quality music as well as music true to me.

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