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Kick the Isolation With Longshot's Forthcoming Single, "Alone No More"

Hard work and dedication are qualities that Chicago native and Minneapolis transplant’s very own Longshot applies to everything he is tasked with. In the true fashion of being an emcee, listeners can always count on Longshot to deliver his personal experiences in the melodies that he offers up to his rapidly growing fan base.

Leaving us with a forward feeling of anticipation as we not-so-patiently await his new single, the Tupac Shakur-inspired artist is eager to delve into an imaginative narrative about the apprehension lovers feel when welcoming a new admirer into your life. “Alone No More,” features the undeniable talents of Kat Luna, and has us submerged in a myriad of emotions that foreshadow Longshot’s collaborative album with producer Lazerbeak, titled ‘Spread Love.’

Be sure to stay tuned for the exclusive BuzzMusic interview to follow the release of Longshot’s long-awaited release, and grasp onto the influential pull that this underrated emcee tows next week.

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