Kick Your Feet Up With STEMIN's Sweet Single, "'Cause You Know"

The Swiss-Italian Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Artist STEMIN releases a modern-day ballad with his easy-listening single, "Cause You Know," off his recent EP, "Live at FunnyBones Studios."

After incredible success through his debut album, "#Tellyourheart," STEMIN is back and ready to groove with his latest EP, "Live at FunnyBones Studios." The EP surrounds four songs derived from his debut album "#Tellyourheart," but this time around, STEMIN revisits the top four tracks on the album and condenses them into the R&B groove that the EP offers.

Speaking on the EP's intro track, "'Cause You Know," the song offers sublime melodies arranged by STEMIN, while he serenades someone with his entire heart. The song's peaceful and mellow vibe perfectly complements STEMIN's sweet vocals as he portrays the utmost desire for someone he holds close.

"'Cause You Know" begins with wavy synths and calming R&B keys, offering captivating elements from the jump. As STEMIN's warm and clear vocals appear, he starts singing a passionate story of being locked in someone's presence while fighting his own inner demons.

The surrounding instrumentation and production offer highly desirous R&B elements through plucky basslines, down-tempo drum patterns, and uplifting synths and keys. This song is immensely easy to listen to, as STEMIN's melodic vocals accompanied by warm brass elements create vast space for listeners to kick back and relax.

Ending the song with the bright instrumentals and punchy production, STEMIN's single "'Cause You Know" off his recent EP "Live at FunnyBones Studios" delivers heightened vibes for anyone to enjoy. With each mellow aspect the song brings, STEMIN comes around to deliver his heart's genuine desire from beginning to end.

We love the warmth and passion you deliver within your song, "'Cause You Know." What inspired the song's lyrical concept?

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! The song talks about that one person in our life that knows exactly what we need, that knows us truly well and deeply enough to help us through our difficulties. It’s that person that sees our true colors, who makes us come alive, and helps us to be successful in life. The song is also about the feelings one has for this person, the wonderful emotions that the heart experiences when this person is around.

Sometimes we resist the help of this person and we stir against the positive effect he or she has on us. Perhaps we are resisting this person because we see the change and the improvement as a threat to the stability of our life. We might see change as something uncomfortable, something that can endanger our stability. By doing so, though, we end up cheating on ourselves because we don’t face the reality that what makes us grow in life is ‘change.’ Most of the time, improvement and change comes into our life for our own benefit.

"'Cause You Know" was inspired by my ex, and how she tried very hard to help me overcome my difficulties. At the time we were together I couldn’t manage to see her good intentions, because I often focused on refusing her help, thinking it would harm me. After we broke up and I could see the whole situation from an external point of view, I saw how she was genuinely trying to help me and push me towards a better me.

Speaking on the bright R&B instrumentals within "'Cause You Know," how did you formulate the instrumentals and production to be so easy-listening and mellow?

The song was actually written as a ballad but turned out to have the up-tempo vibe with the inclusion of the rhythmical elements as you hear it now. While rehearsing the song with the band and playing it in different live settings, the song kind of grew into a more up-tempo vibe. Since the song was initially intended as a ballad, the feel of the song was a sad, introverted, and melancholic one. Eventually, by changing the tempo and adding that powerful bass and drum layer, the song gained a more ‘uplifting’ and ‘vividly’ vibe. Also, from the ‘introvert’ feel it moved to a more ‘aware’ feel, as a realization of the fact that change is good: often when things change, they turn around reality and improve our life.

Structure wise, the song is mainly built around five chords and the interchanging of these throughout the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus. This gives a more linear structure to the song which becomes more easy-listening. The song works both with a full band in the up-tempo setting as well as in the acoustic setting. As much as I love to perform this song with a full band and feel the energy that is created, performing the song acoustically leaves a lot of space for different colors and dynamics in sound. In a few weeks, I will be releasing an acoustic version of "'Cause You Know" on my YouTube channel.

Seeing as "'Cause You Know" is the intro track to your EP 'Live at FunnyBones Studios,' why did you want this single to open and introduce the EP?

Actually, we recorded four tracks - ‘Cause You Know, Better Than Wine, Closer, Dare - for promotional purposes. We recorded both audio and video on the same occasion and all the videos were published on my YouTube channel. "'Cause You Know" is a very dear track to me because somehow it expresses my journey. Of the four songs, this one was written before. As I was explaining previously, I wrote "'Cause You Know" after I realized that things come for our own good, for growth, change, and improvement. I can keep on refusing change and think that it creates harm to me as a person. But in the end, I have to face reality and understand that only by changing, by moving forward, I can survive. Only by working on myself and improving, I can become better. Not doing so, will force me into an automated routine that kills my creativity, my inspiration, and my goals.

"'Cause You Know" perfectly introduces the other songs such as Better Than Wine, Closer, and Dare. The song is a nice transition to the up-tempo beat of Better Than Wine and the rest of the songs.

Why did you want to revisit your most successful tracks from your album "#Tellyourheart" and release them on a separate EP titled 'Live at FunnyBones Studios'?

While rehearsing with the band for some planned concerts which unfortunately got canceled because of Covid-19, I came up with the idea of recording a ‘live version’ of four of my favorite tracks of the album "#tellyourheart" to be used for promotional purposes. I then decided to publish them as a live EP since I loved the sound and felt that they give another twist to the original versions. I collaborated with the amazing artist Christos Mavrodis (which you should check out ) for the creation of the EP’s artwork.

I chose to specifically record these four tracks because I have a strong connection to them since they were written during a crucial period of my life. The lyrics of all the songs present a central idea and describe my personal and artistic process I underwent during the last two years: letting go of fears and personal judgment (song: Closer) by acknowledging the help of people who love me (song: ‘Cause You Know) in order to accept and love myself (song: Better than Wine) and by challenging myself (song: Dare) to move forward in life.

The four songs display the journey I have been on in the last couple of years. They describe my musical, personal, and artistic journey as I am growing into a more soul-pop-RnB style. Another reason why I chose them is that they are very catchy and have a very uplifting vibe.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Thanks for asking this! I am super excited because I am working on different projects at the moment. Since I am collaborating with a video-maker artist, I am planning to release a small documentary about my artistry, the work I did and do nowadays. It explains a bit of my background and why I am doing what I am doing through music and the arts.

I’m working on a big arrangement of "One for You" which will be recorded with an orchestra, both audio and video. This version will be a completely different one than the one contained on the album "#tellyourheart."

I am also writing and producing new music which will be containing some nice collaborations with new musicians and artists. Unfortunately, I can’t unveil anything yet. Hopefully, all this new music will be released next year, beginning of 2021. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

And, last but not least, hopefully, live concerts and touring can be resumed again because I have so many concerts to make up! The plan is not only to tour Europe but also the US and Asia! I don’t know when that is possible again, but, let’s cross fingers!! I think that live music unites people, the energy displayed when live music is played is incredible and unique!