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"Kickit!" Showcases the Powerhouse in Maal

Coming from a musically oriented family, Hip-hop artist Maal spent most of his early childhood in Florida before taking the leap and moving to Montclair, New Jersey, at the age of 9.

Being blessed with such talented and eclectic individuals in his presence, Maal has grown into the promising up and coming artist he is today.

Thriving in an environment that allowed him to grow accustomed to freestyle sessions right outside the front doors of his grandmother’s house in Florida, it wasn't until moving to New Jersey that he found his own unique signature style and tonal distinction in the rhymes he creates that has allowed him to develop his rapidly growing fan base worldwide.

“Kickit!” allows you to dip into your innermost buoyant self. This record relies heavily on the bassline and kicks drums that heavily drive this instrumentation home. The presence in Maal’s vocalization is spread out steadily through each verse and hook you hear. His tonal distinction carries a powerful embrace as an emcee that takes pride in the strategic placement of each rhyme scheme performed. “Kickit!” flexes on every single thing that Maal works hard for. He knows the magnetism that he brings to the table and he wants you to all know that he is here to stay.

With each witty quip that he displays, you can feel the essence of his boisterous personality shine through his conveyance. Maal takes the authoritative old school Hip-hop roots and sprinkles his own modern twist on this style with components that are exclusive to his artistic abilities. “Kickit!” has you moving to the record in a heartbeat. A song of this caliber breaks the scale as you get to dig deeper into who Maal truly is as an artist and why he is establishing his spot as an up and comer in the music industry.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Maal, and congratulations on the release of, “Kickit!” You carry so much energy through this track. What was the studio session like when recording it?

The session was very unique I recorded it outside on my producer's porch when COVID-19 first started.

How important is it for you to carry real-life components into the music you create?

I feel like it’s important to always have real components about you in every piece of art you make if it’s drawing, theater, or music.

How was your creative process different for “Kickit!” versus other songs you have created?

The creative process for "KICKIT!" was off of pure instinct and what I was feeling in the moment because it was a freestyle but also being written all at the same time and not only that song took me an hour to make.

What would you like listeners to take away from “Kickit!?”

What I want people to gain from "KICKIT!" it’s just the feeling of the nonstop intensity and

hyperness hence the reason why the cover art is so crazy and minimalistic is that you're not supposed to focus on the cover you’re supposed to feel something and that’s what I try to do with each every one of my songs

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

Honestly everyday things keep me inspired (the good things/the bad things) upcoming next year is my debut project from me called 'TOONY WORLD.'




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