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Kid Blue Gives A Potent Glimpse into Reality With "Broken Bodies"

Hip Hop artist Kid Blue from Australia has been using music as a way to connect with his emotions and escape everyday life since he was 12 years old. He carries this connection to music with him today in his music and has gathered over one million streams on Spotify from his past releases.

The latest release “Broken Bodies” featuring Wifisfuneral is exactly the kind of heart-pumping, Hip Hop blood rush that listeners expect from Kid Blue.

The synth sounds set the scene with a gloomy, ominous melody, and then in comes the beat, heavy and with a purpose. Introduced early to the chorus, he familiarizes the listener with the intense vibes of the song that continue building until no one is left unsatisfied. A creative inclusion is repetitive chanting, a call out into the void of music.

Kid Blue’s nonchalant vocals add an aura of mystery to the atmosphere of “Broken Bodies”, his melodies driving questions of what we are here for and living life while we still can.

Another creative twist has Kid Blue desperately yelling out for a purpose, if anyone can hear them, or see them, as the vocals become distorted and dark. When the rap comes in, be prepared for a fire verse that never stops giving.

Searching for truth and a purpose, Kid Blue and Wifisfuneral describe the everyday reality of not knowing who you are and accepting the downs of life.

To follow “Broken Bodies”, Kid Blue’s EP “Picture Palace” is his next project coming in 2021, so make sure you’re on the lookout.

What genres and musical styles influenced you during the writing process for “Broken Bodies”?

I wanted to go for a dark moody track that had an alternative hip-hop vibe. I like to listen to and be inspired by different genres of music before I start a recording session, it keeps things fresh. I particularly like classical music as it relaxes me. 

What is one thing you want listeners to take from “Broken Bodies”? How do you expect it to be received by listeners?

That we all broken in one way or another but we're going to be okay and we'll figure it out one day. That's the core message of the song. I think the people it's meant for will listen to it and understand it quite deeply. Everyone else can listen to it and enjoy the sound. 

What was it like working with Wifisfuneral for “Broken Bodies”? How did Wifisfuneral enhance the song for you?

It was dope. Wifisfuneral is a legend in the game and a real one. We had a few big players who were keen to jump on board the track, but he was right for Broken Bodies. Wifisfuneral got it, both the story behind the song and sonically. His voice comes out so strong in it. Big love to Wifisfuneral!

What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP “Picture Palace”? How does “Picture Palace” compare to “Broken Bodies” sonically?

I'm interested in telling different stories through my songs and each song on the EP tells its own story. So you can definitely expect different sounds coming out with each track.

What can listeners expect next from you Kid Blue?

Have another track coming out in December to finish up the year with a crazy lit music video along with it. Will shoot through the link when it's out.


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