Kid6ix Talks His New Song "34" & More

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kid6ix! Congratulations on the release of your single "34". Talk to us about the preparation of this song! what was your vision you had for this single? I just had this one line in my head for a while "use to have these dreams but you no dreams fall short"  & I thought that it was so powerful especially in today's society because we all have dreams but we know how hard it is to make them come true & for me it was about the music. The vision I had with this record is to motivate not just others but myself to chase your dreams and never give up no matter what, to be confident in knowing who you are & how good u are at what you do, shit doesn't happen overnight but then again, a lot could happen. What was the lyrical meaning behind "34"? What inspired you to write this song and in what ways were you able to personally relate to the lyrical meaning Chase your dreams & never give up!! I have been doing this for 5+ years & I've accomplished so much but there's still lots to be done. I guess it's more of a personal thing, but I know a lot of people can relate to this. You can be so good at what you do but sometimes in a certain industry's really about who you know that gets you ahead & that can be discouraging at times. 34 was made to help release those feelings for myself & hopefully others that can relate. I always wanted to make music for people to feel & for people going through hard times, it's an amazing feeling when fans you don’t know dm you saying your songs make them feel a type of way. Hip-Hop has shifted throughout these past decades. What's your current take on it and which artists do you feel best influenced your artistry today and why?  I feel threw out the years hip hop has become very competitive in a way that it's rare to find someone who's willing to work with you to reach success, nowadays everyone is just out for themselves & rappers are dime a dozen. At times I feel I'm just too real for all this fake shit & that could be my downfall, but I always want to stay true to myself. All you see these days is people fronting for the gram or lying in they raps & it's hard to separate the true artist from the people chasing the imagine & lifestyle of a rapper. For influences, I grew up listening to Eminem, The Game, Styles P, & Joe Budden. I was always pulled to that real talk rap naturally it always helped me cope & deal with things. Nowadays I would say Drake just because I'm from Toronto & seeing what he did makes you see that it's possible especially in my city where hip hop wasn’t that big until Drizzy, also Juice Wrld (Rest In Peace), Lil Durk, & Kevin Gates. What would you find to be the biggest challenge when creating "34" and in what ways were you able to learn from this obstacle? 

Making the record wasn’t challenging because to me it's just a natural thing & comes pretty easy if I'm in my creative mood. To me what's challenging is marketing ur music or single & getting it out to the right people, building a fan base, getting placements, doing shows ect. just the whole business side of things. When you’re an artist you want to just focus on making the music & being creative but it's not always like that & a lot of time & effort has to go into this side of the music.

What's next for Kid6ix?

Music & more music I'm going to be dropping a song a month at least if not more & I got 2 eps I want to drop this year along with some videos so it should be a good year.  I just got to keep growing & working with people in the industry. Music is my passion so no matter what I'll always make it because it's just something I love doing & have for so long. I hope to gain a lot of exposure this year & to grow my fan base.

Listen to Kid6ix here.