Kidd Grape Gives Us A Refreshing Summer Hit With “pREsSeD”

Kidd Grape was born in Ohio and grew up non-athletic so he indulged himself in gaming at a young age. Around his sophomore year of high school, he began making beats on Garage band and playing around with his rap style, experimenting with auto tune and creating diss tracks for his online friends for fun. The story behind his name? Well since his career practically started from his gaming system, his Gamertag at that time was “AverageGrap0867”. Hence the “Grape”, and the “Kidd” was just a prefix he liked!

Kidd Grape completely shocked us when we heard his song titled “pREsSeD”. This began as a fire hit and remained consistent throughout the song. Without any dynamics going low causing the song to turn dull, “pREsSeD” keeps the energy at a level of altitude the listeners won’t be able to come down from easily. Knowing his career began as an experiment turned into a passion, Kidd Grape shows us that this is what he’s meant to do. Music has been his calling, and he’s taking it by storm! “pREsSeD” is the type of song that I can hear being played during the summer functions! It’s outgoing and bright with a bold lyrical component and refreshing energy. Kidd Grape is one of the newest faces to the hip-hop game and one of the leading contenders to blow!

Listen to “pREsSeD” here and get to know more about Kidd Grape below!

What’s up, Kidd Grape! You started your career off essentially from your gaming days. Just a fun quick question, what were some of your favorite games to play?

I LOVED to play 2k (more specifically park), call of duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends and Gta (5) there might be more lol. 

Have you showed your online friends your music now? How do they react? If not, how do you think they’d react now?

When I started over the games I inspired a few others to rap so we kinda all started and listened to each other’s stuff to this day we’ve stayed connected. We always let each other know what was weak and what was clean. at first they were a bit jealous of me but now we’re all on the same page. We actually have collabs on the way maybe. 

Who would you consider some of your inspirations/influences? In what ways have they impacted your artistry?

People like Chief Keef(Flows), Lil Wayne(Clever Lines), Gunna(Drip), Adele(Vocals), Fantasia(Her Soul), Panic at the disco!(punk sound/ style), metro boomin(producing) and Juice wrld especially all made it seem fun and unique. So i decided to combine my favorite parts of them and many more artists with my own abilities and project them through my music. 

Let’s talk about your song “pREsSeD”. A HIT! What was your favorite moment in this record and what’s the major theme behind the song?

The Chorus is my favorite part. The entire song was a freestyle and I was jus kicking lines about everything that was going on around me 

and it was specifically about one person being pressed. The Theme was just me being fed up with life at the moment. (don’t care, a lot) 

so i jus found the beat and ripped over it and finished in one night. i didn’t even like the song at first. 

What’s next for you Kidd Grape?

I’m looking at going on tour soon but it’s a lot of maybe and at the end of the day it depends on whatever my fans want.

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