KiDD RicH Doesn’t Want You To Get Too “Comfortable”

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Rapper KiDD RicH is no stranger to the streets. His hard upbringing makes him a true success story waiting to happen. Rapper KiDD RicH knows what it means to struggle, he quotes himself by saying “Being at the bottom for so long teaches you there's only one place left to go”. 

“Comfortable” by KiDD RicH is a collaboration with Mr 025 and GunZz and we can’t get enough. The simplicity of the soundscape here is something that proves to work really well. Contrast is crucial, and the later sections of the track undoubtedly hit with melodic and uplifting impact thanks to how quiet and easy-going the earlier moments are. KiDD RicH showcases his flawless bars and effortless delivery. There’s honesty in the lyrics, vulnerability even, and this, combined with a notably minimalist backdrop, means the performance manages to connect well. There’s even a guitar-like nature to that opening riff, the qualities of which reach out a little more memorably with each revisit. “Comfortable” is a fairly refreshing alternative to modern R&B and hip-hop. A smooth track with a simple yet recognizable hook, and a likeable groove on the whole.

Listen to “Comfortable” here and read more in our exclusive interview with KiDD RicH below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic KiDD RicH! How long have you been making music?

Honestly I have been recording since 2014 and trying to make a career out of it! My love for music came as a kid but I discovered I could rap in like the 10th grade.

What does the project “Comfortable” represent for you?

It’s my welcome to the world! No one knew me before this, I felt like my first one had to be a shock and amaze kind of track! Like (Did he say what!?) but at the same time show creativity and fun around the subject matter. 

What’s your main aspiration going forwards in 2019 as an artist?

Growth! I have always known what I can do with my talent but my team is amazing and I want the world to see what we have to offer! I’m just a piece to a much larger puzzle. Im happy that I get to be the one that pops it all off with my style of music though.

What are your thoughts on the current hip hop landscape?

I like what I see so far! And I see it’s wide open for Artist like me and my team members, Before you had to be one way and stick to that to be successful, I am not limited by genres! You can put me anywhere and I will fit!

What are the main values you want to represent as a rapper?

Artistry is most important to me, being able to make music the way I like is key. My music is mainly about my life, life experiences and goals. So if I can’t speak freely and express my self creatively what is the point!? Another key value is Ownership! I’m more interested in being a partner than a worker. I want to have say so in my career and a lot of “Mailbox Money” at the end of the day. 


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