Kidgoten's Rhymes Bounce-Off your System on Newest Hit "Wreckless"

Kidgoten attracts attention and buzz on every project he releases to the public. Previous releases such as his debut single, "Fiji," landed this young rapper a coveted signing deal. Now, this 17-year-old is breaking boundaries again on his latest release, "Wreckless," featuring Chefuno and GTG Big $mash. The single comes from Kidgoten's debut album, "Kidgoten New Era."

The trio are bringing clever rhymes and catchy hooks set to a low and grinding 808 beat. A bouncy, replicating piano jig hops along the track as Kidgoten lands on the soundscape with stance and prowess. The trio gives a mary-go-round of energized performances, each taking their turn laying notorious raps down on the charged track. As the track ticks along, the rappers and background instrumentals build a tense, chaotic scene as the artists paint a lyrical exhibition of their rapper domination over all others. The jackhammer-pounding bass is bound to blow up any subwoofer with its low frequency, drudging beat. This steady beat is paired with a ticking percussive rhythm that matches the ferocity of our trios tempo. "Wreckless" has all markings of a charged hip-hop performance- dope beats, impressive rhymes, and a loaded lyrical delivery. You do not want to skip over Kidgoten's (feat. Chefuno and GTG Big $mash) "Wreckless."

Listen to "Wreckless" here

Hello Kidgoten, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on your latest release "Wreckless" off your debut album "Kidgoten New Era." Can you start by telling our listeners a bit more about the song "Wreckless" and its overall message?  Thank you so much! basically there really isn’t any message from this song...but you can hear all 3 of us boasting and bragging about riches and just really riding the beat. it’s really that simple lol.

"Wreckless" features fellow rappers Chefuno and GTG Big $mash, have you worked together before and how did this collab come together?  I’ve been working with Chefuno for almost 2 years now. Her work ethic is undefeated honestly, she’s harder than a lot of these dudes and she’s just 17. I met GTG Big $mash through one of his members late 2019...listened to his discography and said to myself oh yeah I need him on my album for sure. This song came together like somewhat in the last minute in Late May. I didn’t know exactly who I wanted on it at first it was supposed to be just me and Chefuno then I had sent it over to GTG Big $mash just to hear him on it he wasn’t officially on it at the time but I was just so blown by his verse I had no choice but to put him on it. I’m glad I chose the right people for this hit we made. 

Your music career took off at a young age. What has been your pillar's of inspiration that has enabled you to be recognized from such a young age?  My mom noticed very early on that I had the image and Confidence to do what I wanted to do and that was rapping. And that’s why I love her because some parents don’t support their children in doing what they love but she’s been there through everything. and every step.

How has your music evolved from where you first started? My music has definitely evolved these past 2 years I’ve definitely gained more confidence. and that’s exactly what you need in this game.. is confidence in this game because A LOT of people will doubt you and try to put you down but it’s not about proving them wrong it’s more so than proving yourself right. More than less I’ve become more hands-on with writing my hooks and verses easier and being more detailed on what topic I want to talk about. and become more comfortable around the people I work within the studio day-to-day. 

What's next? Well, I’ve accomplished so much at just the ages of 15-17 did some things a lot of people my age in my city haven’t done. Not bringing anyone down but I’m being honest it feels good to talk good about myself a little lol. But back to the question, I’m going to release a follow-up project (deluxe) to the debut album later this year since it is doing so well then after that I’m going to go on a hiatus and rebrand myself. Start a label for teens that I believe deserve their voice and talent to be heard while doing that I will still be in the studio and when I feel like the time is right I will come back with a bang stronger and unstoppable than ever.