Kidgoten's Rhymes Bounce-Off your System on Newest Hit "Wreckless"

Kidgoten attracts attention and buzz on every project he releases to the public. Previous releases such as his debut single, "Fiji," landed this young rapper a coveted signing deal. Now, this 17-year-old is breaking boundaries again on his latest release, "Wreckless," featuring Chefuno and GTG Big $mash. The single comes from Kidgoten's debut album, "Kidgoten New Era."

The trio are bringing clever rhymes and catchy hooks set to a low and grinding 808 beat. A bouncy, replicating piano jig hops along the track as Kidgoten lands on the soundscape with stance and prowess. The trio gives a mary-go-round of energized performances, each taking their turn laying notorious raps down on the charged track. As the track ticks along, the rappers and background instrumentals build a tense, chaotic scene as the artists paint a lyrical exhibition of their rapper domination over all others. The jackhammer-pounding bass is bound to blow up any subwoofer with its low frequency, drudging beat. This steady beat is paired with a ticking percussive rhythm that matches the ferocity of our trios tempo. "Wreckless" has all markings of a charged hip-hop performance- dope beats, impressive rhymes, and a loaded lyrical delivery. You do not want to skip over Kidgoten's (feat. Chefuno and GTG Big $mash) "Wreckless."

Listen to "Wreckless" here