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Kill My Coquette Cheekily Amplifies the Sound Waves in, "Coffeebean Song"

What would make a successful model and actress pick up a guitar and start a rock band? For frontwoman Natalie Denise Sperl, it took just one Social Distortion concert.

After teaching herself how to play guitar, she created a full band alongside Adam Smith (lead guitar) and Mike Evans (bass). Armed with attitude and panache, Kill My Coquette recorded their self-titled debut EP, written and arranged by Sperl, produced by Danny McGough (Tom Waits, Social Distortion, Shivaree) at Evelyn Martin Recordings. While tipping their hat to game-changing artists like Jack White, Brody Dalle, Joan Jett, and The New York Dolls Kill My Coquette has created a sound of their own.

Delving into the vibrant and upbeat intensity emanated in Kill My Coquette’s latest single “Coffeebean Song,” we immediately pick up on the robust performance of each band member that shakes your energy to the core.

A grunge-esque ambiance is amplified in a way that trickles into a new wave meets old school 80’s Rock atmosphere. The chugging guitar riffs unleash a rambunctious essence that is integral to the song’s framework. Coinciding with tight drum patterns, an electric bassline, and of course voluptuous timbres from Natalie Denise Sperl herself, we sink into the high-impact realm that effortlessly flows with angst perseverance.

The lead vocal drives home a sense of cutting-edge melodies that take you into the buoyant narrative of memorable encounters at her local coffee shop. Catering to an audience that indulges in each juicy detail leaping from a storyline in sonic formation, Kill My Coquette has undoubtedly painted a charismatic series of scenes that directly fall into the scheme of “Coffeebean Song.”

With an unapologetic persona at the helms, the infectious grooves that radiate from this heaping showcase of magnification have us all looping this track so we can keep the vigor copiously pouring in.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kill My Coquette. Your latest single “Coffeebean Song,” had us up and out of our seats with the energy it produces! With such a cheeky narrative, could you please take us into the story that inspired this song?

So here’s the thing. I was a security guard for a hot minute (one of many side jobs) and got paid to be bossy, which naturally attracted me. Plus I worked at a world-famous music venue (sup Palladium!) and got to see all the best live shows. So, I took the job. Across the street is a Coffeebean where we’d go for breaks. Simultaneously, I put an ad out on Craigslist (changed to Instagram in the song) for a guitarist for my band. We end up meeting at another Coffeebean. We dated but eventually, that didn’t work out, and found another guitarist.

Short answer- The song is a caffeinated love song mixing reality and fantasy. Fabricated from my mind on all those work breaks. Extra whip cream, please...

Could you please share a glimpse of what went into the creative and recording process in order for the energy to be perceived the way that it is?

The energy in the song comes from the claps (turned up loud and upfront in the mix) the drumbeat, and the use of the gang vocal “yeah yeahs” which I sort of “borrow” from one of my fav bands “The Dollyrots”. They have a way of writing these awesome infectious high-energy sing-alongs. I wanted to try something similar.

How does “Coffeebean Song,” compare to other songs heard in your music catalog?

This track is different from our other singles mostly because of that drawn-out bridge. No other song was written like that. Originally, I had this idea of doing a sorta Shangri Las talky/single part in the middle with another female musician. A collaboration but after looking awhile with no confirmed singers I decided I’d do both parts. I didn’t know how I could make it work. Would the listener know both voices were me? Then it hit me- they’re both the same person: me. The Twins, I’m a Gemini. Problem solved:)

Natalie, with such an extensive background on screen, how do these two loves of yours tie into one another? What’s your mission statement as an individual that you find yourself applying to both being a musician and an actress?

I simply love performing. Provoking. Always have. I suppose the Freudian answer would be I’m afraid of mortality so in my quest for immortality I’m making things that will hopefully outlive me long after my number is called. Only Art will survive... But come on, it’s just fun! Being a movie star is fun. Being a rockstar is fun too. I highly recommend it. If you dig Coffeebean Song please share it with your friends. X thanx BuzzMusic!



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