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Kill My Coquette Takes Us Underground With Their Anthemic Hit, "The Metro"

The Los Angeles-based rock trio Kill My Coquette drops their third studio single with an upbeat banger that jumps through our speakers, titled "The Metro."

Consisting of actor/model and frontwoman Natalie Denise Sperl, lead guitarist Adam Smith, and bassist Mike Evans, Kill My Coquette has seen substantial radio rotation throughout the city of Los Angeles. Paying an ode to acts like Jack White, Brody Dalle, Joan Jett, and The New York Dolls, it's without a doubt that Kill My Coquette has crafted a unique and engaging sound of their own.

Speaking on their latest single, "The Metro," Kill My Coquette brings us into a heated atmosphere that quakes in the hustle and bustle of the city. While frontwoman Natalie Sperl keeps us locked into her gripping and heavy stylings, the accompanying instrumentation by Mike Evans and Adam Smith blasts us through the underground tunnels as we take a spirited ride on "The Metro."

Getting down to the goods, "The Metro" opens with a jazzy introduction through various snaps, snares, cymbals, and wavy electric guitar chops. Listening to Natalie Sperl's vocals, she delivers incredible ambiance through her sultry and moody delivery. Without wasting any time, Kill My Coquette jumps into the blazing hook and spills a scorching rock sound while taking us on an exhilarating Metro ride.

We adore the song's versatility and dynamic range, as the verses get especially nostalgic, almost offering a 60s surf rock feel. Not to mention the gripping bassline by Mike Evans and the brilliant electric guitar swings by Adam Smith, Kill My Coquette comes together on this piece to take us out of our everyday ruts and onto the lively Metro.

Take a ride through the underground with Kill My Coquette's anthemic single, "The Metro," and add this fiery tune to your playlist, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Natalie from Kill My Coquette and Welcome to BuzzMusic. we love the energy and versatility you've brought within your single "The Metro." What inspired your group to create a lively ode to the metro with this piece?

Thanks! I remember the sky parted and the music gods simply came down from the sky and dropped the idea right in my lap. Kidding. It was more like this: We were in rehearsal one day and talked about doing a cover. My bass player Mike Evans suggested the song. He started noodling around and it kind of grew from that point.

What did you want your audience to grasp from the powerful and exciting lyricism within "The Metro?"

I was drawn to the images the lyrics conjured up in my head: unrequited love, nostalgia, yearning, mystery, romance.

Could you take us through your creative process for "The Metro?" How did your band create such dynamic instrumentals that shift in tempo and energy?

I believe the bass line went down first. Then my guitarist Adam Smith tracked drums. Once we had the rhythm section, he took on the task of tracking guitars. We wanted a heavy guitar-driven sound, so Adam achieved that nicely with the Data Corruptor pedal for most of the distorted guitar tones. He layered them for max effect. I also knew I wanted a different sound in the verses, so we tried the snap and knew instantly it worked. Rami Jaffee of The Foo Fighters got involved over boozy slushes one afternoon at the beach near Malibu. I don’t have a permanent keyboard player in the band so when we need one it’s usually per song. I twisted his arm and got my way. I love what he added to the track. The keys here aren’t front and center. More of a nice peppering sprinkled throughout the song, adding to the vibe. He’s a rockstar, I knew he’d deliver.

Your band's sound seems to be quite fresh but also rather nostalgic. How would you describe your sound to a new listener?

I'd describe the bands sound with a cocktail:

“The Coquette”: 1 shot Pop, 2 shots Rock with a splash of Alt juice. Add ice, shake and strain. Pour 151 proof punk rock on top. Light on fire. Enjoy! I think we each bring a certain vibe to the music. Bassist Mike Evans comes from the East Bay punk scene. Guitarist Adam Smith brings a pop sensibility and I hail from a long line of classic rockers. It gels well.

What can we expect to see next from you?

We can’t wait to release new music! We’ve been cooped up for so long we can’t wait to play live too, hopefully, we get that chance soon. We’re gearing up to release our next singles (after The Metro). I’ve got some wild ideas for the videos too. Follow the band to find out! ;)



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