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Killerkrazie Releases "L.O.V.E Thot"

Killerkrazie is a producer and artist currently living in Washington D.C who has his own idiosyncratic style and sound that’s personable to him. His release “L.O.V.E Thot” is a sound I have never heard prior to listening this single. It’s highly unique and atypical from any other type of music I’ve heard before. The lyrics are super witty and catchy and I can see people repeating the words over and over as it has that memorable effect that could get embedded in our brains for the moment. I think it’s the psychedelic nature this song has although it isn’t categorized as a rock record. You can become immersed into the music and lose a sense of reality, allowing your imaginative thoughts to flow and to fabricate a setting and environment that you feel best fits the aura of the music. This is a type of song where you can kick back, relax and have a “smoke sesh” with your friends due to the natural high it gives. Killerkrazie is an interesting artist who knows the meaning behind the art in artist and we’re excited to see more of his releases!

Listen to "L.O.V.E Thot" here, and get to know Killerkrazie through our interview questions below!

What inspired you to call yourself Killerkrazie? What’s the meaning behind the name?

This question has a funny back story. I came up with this name back when I was in the 8th grade in a computer math class. How it came about was from a mix of Bone Thugs in Harmony and Killer Mike (Who was at his peak at the time). My dad always listen to Rap and Jazz Music as I was growing up. His favorite artist was Tupac He also loved Westside Connect Gang and Too Short. So when I started to go out and buy my own music the first CD I bought was Bizzy Bone which was my personal first favorite artist. I liked his flow and delivery and it seemed like even though he and the group were from Cleveland they still had a West Coast sound and vibe. From there I learned about the rest of Bone Thugs and I took the Krazie from Krayzie Bone and mixed it with Killer Mike and thats how I got KillerKrazie. I thought KillerBizzy didn't flow well. But now when asked about Killerkrazie I say it's because I kill beatz and my life is crazy.

How would you artistically interpret your single “L.O.V.E Thot” for our listeners?

I actually produced, wrote, and recorded this song in my apartment. The interpretation of L.O.V.E Thot is a confession of a person who has multiple love interest and cannot hide it from the ones who are not in contact with each other. Those people are assumed to believe that they already know about the others. I think it fits well in todays time where there is so many forms of communication that it's assumed the person you are talking to is talking to other people while they are talking to you.

Do you have any specific music influences?

Bizzy Bone, Ab-Soul, Three-Six Mafia, The Weeknd, Logic, The Game, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, Odd Future, ALL OF T.D.E (Top Dawg Ent.), Tupac, Westside Connect Gang, SPM (South Park Mexican) And Freddie Gibbs are like the beginning of my all time favorite artist, The list goes on from there.

How long have you been producing? How much work is required to produce an efficient record?

I've been prodcuing my own beats since 2016 and I since started my own beat publishing under Krazie Beatz. I would say the production time comes with your level of skill. As I am getting better with producing it would prob only take me 1-2hrs max to make the beat another 1-2hrs to mix the beat and if I'm really feeling the beat I can come up with lyrics to it on the spot while making the beat then hop right on the MIC and record the song.

If you can collaborate with any other recording artist out right now who would you select and why?

Ab-soul and Bizzy Bone because those two artist are Dope as Fuck lol.


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