King Bap Is Dripping In “Chanel” In His Latest Banger

King Bap was an orphan from the Midwest his entire childhood, foster care gave him a true sense of ambition and humility, two virtues that could never be bought. His priceless upbringing can be heard in his music as he tells the tales of a true young savage. Now King Bap is opening for Playboi Carti and has just released an EP titled “Academic Probation” with his featured song: “Chanel” which can be found on all streaming platforms.

With a smooth and infectious melody, this anthem “Chanel” has a hook that will ring through your head until you press that repeat button. Full of clarity and truth, King Bap’s lyrics are a refreshing addition to the music industry today. Bap is unapologetic and authentically honest. The rawness that’s in every punchline is unpredictable yet consistent. “Chanel” gives a confident and edgy appeal to the artistry while staying true to the hip-hop roots that founded the culture of rap. King Bap’s lyricism and flow are addicting and smooth, while the backbeats are vibrant and classic. He writes relatable rhymes while remaining true to himself and his message. He floats melodically on the verses and hook to create the ultimate hip-hop anthem. "Chanel" will have everyone feeling ready to take on the rest of 2019. 

Listen to “Chanel” here and keep scrolling for more with King Bap! 

What can you tell us about your project “Academic Probation”? 

I named it academic probation because that’s the reason i dropped out and came to California. In college I never felt involved. I wasn’t interested at all. I was just using the scholarship money to get a place when I got out of jail. Every semester I was on academic probation before I just said f**k it. I’m going to do something I really want to do. And imma profit off of it.  So that’s why I named my first project that. The songs I selected for the Tape are all songs that would People a feel for my personality and all the layers that make up Bap. I’m still finding my sound. But these are the songs I had the most fun making. Talisman is my favorite track. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

A good time. Some positive energy. I never wanted to make depressing or like “serious” rap. I want people to forget about their struggles when they’re listening to BAP. I hope to make you laugh or at least wanna hear a certain line again. 

What is it about making music that draws such passion from you? 

I bleed music like I would honesty go insane deprived from music. It brings me to a peaceful place in my psyche and I appreciate any artist that can take me into their song and away from the daily struggles. I wanna be able to do that for people. I wanna be an escape. 

What’s next for King Bap?

World Domination. I’m starting a cult sometime around next spring after my next project drops. I’m looking to take on the adult film industry but I’m only doing solo scenes. Me and my team have been thinking about joint the very lucrative Coldstone Creamery™️ Franchise. 

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