King Chad Finds His “Purpose,” In His New Album

King Chad, whose real name is Chadly Francois, began recording music with his siblings in 2018 and has since blossomed into a full-fledged obsession. In the wake of his failure to be selected to play in the NBA, he devoted all his energy, effort, and love to his music.

Throughout the year, he continued to put in the work, releasing the albums "Lost In The 80s," "Queen Package," and "Como Te Llamas" under his belt.

The musician has been engaged in the music industry for many years, but in 2021 he finally made a name for himself. It wasn't just songs that Chad released in 2021. Due to this surge in popularity, he's now a name to remember in the music industry. Even though he has only been in the music business for a few years, he has already published four albums.

"New Year" is King Chad's latest release, and he continues his streak of releasing new music with the New Year. There is a distinct throwback and 80s pop vibe to the song, released on January 1, 2022. With this mix, listeners can experience both a sense of nostalgia and an underlying sense of joy. Fans of his previous albums, "King's Palace" and "Lost In The 80s," are likely to be familiar with this sort of music.

King Chad's new album, “Purpose" is the album's name. It's a complete departure from anything he has done before. Hip-hop and R&B, as well as Boom Bap rap, are all represented. That has been long in the making and eagerly anticipated by his legion of followers, is finally ready for the world to hear.

According to the musician, "Purpose" is the working title for his upcoming fifth studio album. It's a given that this album will feature fresh sounds and rhythms that are utterly apart from anything he's done before. Meanwhile, he'll use previously used components and sounds to tie the record into his overall style and the genre he's portraying.

The album "Purpose" was released on January 14, 2022, and it is King Chad’s best yet. “Purpose" by King Chad has been released and is currently accessible on all digital services. Furthermore, you can also listen to his new track, "New Year," which is available in all shops.

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