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King Chronos Drops “Energy Rain”

From New York City, Pop and EDM musician King Chronos gives us a recharge of good vibes in his new single “Energy Rain.”

King Chronos is a songwriter, producer, and performer who has been captivated by the magic within the sounds of EDM, techno, trance, and house music, thanks to his family. Now he is using that magic to create music that could brighten the daily life of his listeners, no matter their background or age.

In his new single “Energy Rain,” King Chronons uses an upbeat track that pairs perfectly with the blissful lyrics, creating a euphoric ambiance that makes you feel optimistic and ready for wherever it comes during your day. This is the mark of King Chronos in one of his top works.

You get digital strings playing a chilling melody with melodic, ethereal notes in the back as you press the play button. Then King Chronos's voice gets in, singing his inviting lyrics, placing you in a dreamy romantic story. The voice effects make him sound enveloping while the track keeps creating tension, like accumulating the energy he sings about in the lyrics.

“Energy Rain” drops in a rain of excitement and euphoria. You want to jump and let it out of your chest in a cheerful scream while singing along. “Energy Rain” is a song you want to show to your friends and play when having a good time.

You better keep that umbrella at home. Play “Energy Rain” and get your daily dose of good vibes.

Welcome back to BuzzMusc KingChronos. What word would you describe the making process of “Energy Rain” and why?

The process was an exciting experience to create a song with such an explosion.

The concept is to have the audience build a connection with someone and just have fun exchanging positive Energy.

How much of your life do you reflect on in “Energy Rain?”

100% The way I define Energy Rain is an Exchange of energy and emotions with someone you build a spiritual connection with. Energy Rain is based on an episode in my life with someone that match my vibe and energy when my life was in a dark place. When you build a spiritual bond with that person, it becomes more than just a feeling. That person is constantly in your head or your dreams, meeting between different realms and visions. I mentioned before the King Chronos brand will visit The Past, Present, and Future in my music.

What kind of energy did you want to give through “Energy Rain” to listeners?

Positive Energy I wanted to create a track that gives positive Vibes. When that type of vibe is around, it builds confidence in that person and encourages them to move towards a better light.

What was the creation process like for “Energy Rain?”

Working with Mark Matter, one of my engineers, is always a pleasure. He is an outstanding engineer and knows my head and style of music. I love to be creative, especially musically.

I spent a 3hr session in the studio with Mark making the project. I also use protools myself to create the concept before attending the studio. I enjoyed creating Energy Rain and giving my Audience a follow-up track for Rhythm N Vibes which the two songs are indeed connected, so I encourage everybody to listen to Rhythm N Vibes if they haven't.


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