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King Fabbs Says "Don't Judge By The Colour," In An Anthemic Single

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, pop-punk artist, and singer-songwriter King Fabbs lifts our spirits with a punchy new single, "Don't Judge by the Colour."

King Fabbs began his musical journey in the seventh grade, and after getting to know the guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, and honing in on his vocal abilities, he ventured into a pop-punk band in high school. Now blazing down his solo music career, King Fabbs hopes to inspire people of color and make music anyone can connect with.

King Fabbs recently dropped his spirited and exciting single entitled "Don't Judge by the Colour." Aside from the vibrant and thrilling instrumentals, King Fabbs sings a crucial message of equality and justice. The song's melodic structure is impeccable; King Fabbs leaves us chanting his lyrics while tapping our feet to the hearty and dense instrumentals.

Hitting play on the new single, "Don't Judge by the Colour," the track vibrantly opens with a muffled pop-punk drum arrangement that quickly drops into the exhilarating and high-energy instrumentals. King Fabbs enters the song and instantly drenches us in this mix of Tom Delonge meets Billy Joe Armstong, full of attitude, charisma, and poise.

What takes us by surprise is King Fabbs's vocal ability; he has this unique way of capturing our attention with his captivating stylings and engaging delivery. Not to mention his cathartic and necessary lyrical content; King Fabbs continues to belt his heart out and remind us that judging people by the color of their skin must stay in the past.

We truly appreciate such an anthemic and needed single like this. We hope our readers will take something away from King Fabbs's "Don't Judge by the Colour," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, King Fabbs. We're touched by the passion and power of your latest single, "Don't Judge by the Colour." What inspired you to write such a needed message of equality and first impressions?

Thank you for having me back! I started to write “Don’t Judge by the Colour” in the summer of 2020. Black Lives Matter was being said everywhere, there were protests happening everywhere, the rioting was insane, there was a lot going on! I’m sure most of us can remember certain events that triggered the whole situation. As a black man that has faced racism many times in my life, it just makes me sick to my stomach watching what happened to people like George Floyd, or Ahmaud Arbery. It really made me afraid to leave my house because all I could think about is that I might die today just for being black. I think everybody really started to see the way colored people get treated versus white people. “Don’t Judge by the Colour” is a reminder to everyone that we're literally all just people, and having different skin colors doesn’t change that. No one should be treated with hostility just because they are born with colored skin.

Was it easy for you to write your powerful and motivational lyrical content for "Don't Judge by the Colour"? What was your songwriting process like?

When I write, I always write the instrumental first and add lyrics later. It’s just my formula for songwriting that works well for me. When it came to writing lyrics for this song it all came to me quickly as soon as I knew what I wanted to write about. I King Fabbs wanted to write a message that had the same or similar meaning to Michael Jackson’s “Black or White.” That song is simply about how you should not discriminate against people of color. I wanted to say that in my own way. As soon as I felt that I started to write the lyrics for “Don’t Judge by the Colour.” Writing about it felt easy to me because I’m passionate about the subject. I hope the message reaches people the same way Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” did!

What impact do you hope to make on your listeners with "Don't Judge by the Colour"? What do you want your audience to take away?

I hope people are reminded of the metaphorical phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover, and how it easily relates to “Don’t Judge by the Colour. When I was growing up, I got picked on for my taste in music. I love rock music, and metal, Pop Punk, Alternative, etc. I love it all! But I hated that people associated music with skin color. I once had a group of white guys threatening to jump me because I didn’t listen to rap music at the time. It just wasn’t in my general interest, and I couldn’t understand why it upset people. I felt constantly judged by all the people I was going to school with and anyone I saw on a regular basis. “You should be listening to rap music,” “this isn’t black enough Fabian,” “this is not your music dude.” These are some of the things people would say to me all the time. I want to inspire people who feel judged for loving the things that they do. I hope I can inspire younger people of color that they should never hold back who they are. Being black doesn’t mean you HAVE to listen to rap or hip/hop. (I’m not discrediting these genres, I love rap and hip/hop too!) If you like other types of music then you should embrace them. There’s nothing better than being yourself. I hope “Don’t Judge by the Colour” encourages King Fabbs people to put their judgments aside and see and accept people for who they are.

Do you usually write such inspirational and moving songs, similar to "Don't Judge by the Colour”?

It’s hard for me to write a song that doesn’t have any sort of personal meaning in it. Other than “Don’t Judge by the Colour” I have a five-song EP and each one of those songs has deep meaning within it. The material I’m working on right now is the same. I love I always love hearing the personal side of an artist through their music and I intend to always put every part of me into my music. I want to share songs related to Mental Health, Love, motivation, life, etc. I hope I can inspire lots of people with my music one day!

What are some of your goals with your music, as we move into 2022?

I’m in the planning process of making a music video for “Don’t Judge by the Colour!” That’s going to be a ton of fun! I’m also looking forward to releasing a few more singles over the next few months and I’m hoping to start on a full-length album!

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