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King Gamble Is Staying Up From “NTM (Night Till Morning)”

As the sound of "NTM (Night Till Morning)" flows through the airwaves, one is immediately captivated by its sultry, smooth rhythm.

Released on Valentine's Day, it's no surprise that the song's main theme revolves around love and the pleasures that come with it. With J Cardy joining in on this collaboration, the song has become a modern hip-hop/R&B classic that showcases the duo's musical prowess.

The song's 808s will have you swaying to its beat from the start. As the lyrics kick in, you first notice the undeniable chemistry between the two artists. The song's hook, "You ain't gotta leave tonight, you can stay from night till morning," paints a vivid picture of a love-filled night that one can't bear to part with. The following verses are equally captivating, and King Gamble's rap style adds a unique edge to the song.

The second verse starts with King Gamble reminiscing about how he and his love interest started off as friends and how she caught his eye with her pretty brown eyes. Gamble takes the song to the next level with sensual and provocative lyrics. He talks about wanting to explore his partner's body, and the thought of a night full of passion sends chills down his spine.

As the bridge of the song comes into play, the tempo slows down, and the music takes a more sensual turn. J Cardy then takes the mic with just as provocative lyrics as King Gambles. He talks about wanting to beat that “thang” until his partner falls asleep, emphasizing that he knows he's wrong for her. His lyrics are confident, seductive, and filled with a sense of longing that's hard to ignore.

The song's final hook brings everything together, with both artists coming together to reiterate that they don't want their partners to leave. The chemistry between the two is electric, and as the song fades out, one can't help but wish it went on for a little longer.

"NTM" is a song that showcases the art of seduction subtly and compellingly. From the smooth beats to the provocative lyrics, the song is a masterpiece that will leave you wanting more. It's a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your significant other or something to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you're a fan of modern R&B, hip-hop, or just good music, "NTM" is a must-listen.

Welcome to BuzzMusic King Gamble, and congratulations on your latest release, "NTM." Aside from the cozy vibes, what or who inspired you to create and release this track on Valentine's Day?

Thank you for listening. I appreciate the love. The vibes were the focus of the release. It just felt like it was time to switch it up and drop something with a sultry feel. As far as Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be the perfect time to release it to enhance or ignite a mood.

How does "NTM" compare to some of your previous works in terms of sound and style? Do you see yourself incorporating new elements from other genres?

I’ve leaned into different lanes before, but this is a full-blown genre change from my normal hip-hop vibe. It has a sexy grown tone that can be spread throughout all walks of life. As we grow as artists and as people, things change. So I feel that’s what’s happening with this sound I’m pushing to the world. In the future, I’m sure to keep blending and crossing over into different lanes.

Can you walk us through your creative process in crafting the lyrics and sound of "NTM?"

Honestly, one day, we were sitting around in the studio, and we were like, it’s a lot of drills right now. Not enough storytelling or picture painting. Let’s do something different and slow it down compared to our last release, a faster-tempo song in don’t stop the party. Soon as the beat dropped, I said we’re not rapping on this. It’s a melodic track, and the rest is history.

What was it like collaborating with J Cardy on "NTM (Night Till Morning)," and how did his style complement yours in the song?

King Gamble: Man J-Cardy is my brother. We think alike, so it’s always super easy to collaborate. He brought a higher tempo and change of pace to his verse to mine. Collectively we complemented each other from two separate POVs but told the same story at the end of the day.

Can we expect any future collaborations between you and J Cardy following the "NTM (Night Til Morning)" success?

We’re always going to drop music together. That’s family, and we have more in store for the world's eyes and ears. Don’t be surprised if you get another article sooner than later.


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